The red lights and killer organ Yong…’Be mysterious the Kkirit ‘ teaser poster.


The actor organ Yong changing into the killer captivated the eyes with the overwhelming atmosphere. The cable channel OCN new the Saturday drama ‘the Kkirit (Kill it)’ (the script Hyunsu Sohn Choi Myeongchin · direction male mistake) opened the teaser poster for long-term on 18th. The Kkirit ‘ is the action drama drawing the story between the It becomes the veterinarian with keeping the past killer and who the detective following the serial murder case. All Kkeureot the disintegration attention with the killer Kim Suhyun is professional character of the organ Yong in the teaser video revealed so far the best in industry In this time teaser poster, smell of the atmosphere which it is mysterious. The organ Yong is armed with the gun in the empty building and red lighting under and it is walking. The nap cool-headed of the killer contrasted with the red stands out. His muzzle of gun is stepping toward the someone, whether the reason why it is hiding Identity by the veterinarian saving the animal is what, whether his who is not revealed yet talk which it is mysterious becomes curious. Especially the organ Yong expects in this drama putting up the talk of the killer as the front side if how 1 ‘the signature killer action’ is realized. As to production crew, on the organ Yong appearing in the poster set had Kim Suhyun itself already. The ora of the killer was felt from the situation which the look and action is not especially revealed. The cold feel approached charming, the reminiscences was conveyed. After that, ” this poster stood more the atmosphere which it is mysterious with the cold feel of the killer out with the unique color. The staffs as well as the actor had the expectancy due to the different feel of the drama altogether and it engaged in the shooting. The satisfaction hundred bay 한 outcome came out and it told. It made a request “ask the affection and interest till ‘ signature killer action ‘ first broadcasting of show the visual chemistry most I for organ”, saying that it was and “the schedule that resentful my appearance is opened as the character making the elite criminal degrees prefecture saving the man soon” this. As to ‘Kkirit’, ‘Langgun of on 100th’ man mistake PD, as to Hyunsu Sohn and Choi Myeongchin writer in charge of the writing direction. Come March is broadcasted to ‘gangway’ subsequent.
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