‘vulcanization’ Na Huna and mantissa society 30 million won the secret patronage ‘gag’


The fact that ‘vulcanization’ Na Huna delivers the donation to the Daehangasuhyeophoe (under mantissa society) in secret was known far later. After hearing the news that the mantissa society newly launched with the fall undergoes the financial difficulty last year and entrusting 30 million won through the close staff recently, the Na Huna was confirmed as one getting off the gag at the surrounding. ” Na Huna Ssi one elder of the world of singers liked the junior singer this nature in the group of reporters and interview in the afternoon on 18th from old times. The donation 30 million won got to be entrusted to the president Jayeon Lee who listened to the story that the refreshingly launched mantissa society is difficult last year and goes into the term as new presidents in the dimension infusing with the energy recently. The deposit background was explained that it met by the intention that it ate and advises after as to originally, as to the president Suhyeop Ga came and it seemed not to want to it thought that it discolored the meaning if the donation or the incentive talk was known and known. As to Na Huna, ‘it doesn’t disclose never to the outside’ gave the gag the fact that it pays the donation originally but while the world of singers one acquaintance who is unable to hear in the dictionary hinted the outside on one immediately after and this, the Na Huna and president Jayeon Lee was the close staffs and meal clarified in Seoul’s one special grade hotel at the evening on 17th. With respect to this, it confirmed in the telephone call as “the truth that it hangs up received the incentive of the Na Huna senior on the official support fund” on 18th directly. He added to be “the mantissa society is the nonprofit organization operated by the fee which the fellow singers build the Ship-See-Il-Ban (making a united effort), it sees, the life cannot help being always tight” “the thing which one which shows the unlike other people affection for the society only it leaves the sum gives thanks to the juniors so”. The relation between the Na Huna and this nature was known to be particular. ‘your meaning’ in which the Na Huna is the debut song of this nature was lyrics and composed written. The tune of ‘seoul traveler’ ’18 st. Of the farewell’ back was given and the tie which the affection is young had been being maintained after. The affection of this nature about the mantissa society is peculiar. The executive director in mantissa society and vice-president as was served consecutively till 1 shot ~5 part and He was inaugurated as the Daehangasuhyeophoe 6 shot president of at September last year term in 3 after the Nam Jin (founder) Song Daegwan (2) Tae Jin-a (3, 4) Kim Heungcook (5). Moreover, being the Chin Miryeong and Kimyung it stood. Sangsik Kim and coincidence giving Suchung Park and two generations, as to 12 elected positions and Lim Huisuk, Cookhwan Kim, cardinal number other etc. appointed position 6 the bright light the total 18 the people the director including 1 trillion Guk, Hahm Wonsik, Seongkoo Cho, Kim China, Oakhui, and etc. were elected. Meantime, the mantissa society held the first supporters associations after Jayeon Lee new appointed president launching for the inner unity and fund preparation at the latter of last year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745818.htm, 2019/02/18 16:44:58]