100 million donations?BTS second hop and birthday are right The scale ‘the world wide class’


All strings the warm pass of the Idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts second meeting the birthday hop the attention The child welfare agency abstract umbrella children’s foundation revealed 18 days “the second hop asked to write down on the occasions of the birthday for the juniors in low-income family of the one’s alma mater and 100 million won was contributed”. After selecting the student of which the help is needed for the corresponding school, after that, the abstract umbrella children’s foundation the one’s alma mater of the second hop is planning to deliver the will of the second hop the scholarship to the international high school located in Gwangju Metropolitan City Buk-gu triangle building. Previously, the second hop contributes 150 million won to the green umbrella children’s foundation gladly at December last year on 20th. The abstract umbrella children’s foundation people concerned revealed as “absolutely at the time was not revealed and the contribution was secretly practiced for the children who the help is needed” “the schedule to be used the deposited donation for the study, which is difficult it will realize the dream with the economic difficulty the children in arts and phisical activities and sick baby support”. Therefore, 250 million won in total was generously contribute and the 146th member of big donator meeting ‘ green noble club came to over 100 million won of the green umbrella children’s foundation. The group bulletproof Boy Scouts member second hop who is ” world remembers the children who are difficult on the occasion of the valuable day and the abstract umbrella children’s foundation Jehoon Lee president practices the contribution, the group asks to the words of the deep thank. This noble will to be succeeded and the abstract umbrella children’s foundation will have been doing best for the low-income family child backing up. The good looks was asked in the future and it told. Meantime, this day second hop put the writing called “AMI it is appreciated” in the bulletproof Boy Scouts formal twitter account with its own 3 photographs. The photo inside second hop is striking a pose from the front of paper in which the letter called “the Jjeihoop (the second hop) birthday congratulations” is written.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745852.htm, 2019/02/19 00:00:04]