Among “it sings and is appreciated”… Girls’ Generation coolness and birthday advertisement support progress


The birthday project of the group Girls’ Generation coolness with is proceeded in the site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ imparting ‘it sings and is appreciated’ idol ranking information on 19th. It is the state where current 9% have the close of event ahead on 5th is attained. The birthday event of the coolness progresses simultaneously in Korea and Japan. The birthday congratulations video of the coolness is exposed to the display panel in each country downtown if the birthday project of the opened coolness is achieved in Korea and Japanese site over the star (point) 100,000. The treble bus advertisement proceeds together if 400,000 muches gets together. If Apgujong CGV screen and 900,000 muches is exceeded if it reaches 600,000 muches, the advertisement place widens to Daeyeok Hong multivision. Presently, “the birthday is congratulated” “it sings and is appreciated” and celebration message of “the eternal idol of the wishes” etc. fans are connected to the birthday project. Girls’ Generation main vocalist coolness which is being loved for the charming tone color and singing ability excel The outcome gets attention if the corresponding project congratulating his special day can succeed.
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