Chinyeong Hong and first the regular album issue decision…’Only ten years of debut after the battery ‘ of the love


The singer Chinyeong Hong decided the debut first regular album comeback and it started into the last preparation. After that, chinyeong Hong agency music K entertainment revealed in formal report data “it is planning to come back on March 8th first regular album in which Chinyeong Hong approaches” “the music video shoot was finished at last 17th title song ” tonight. When it is among the final work,” on 19th. Therefore, come back as the first regular albums in 2009 in 10 years after announcing the debut song ‘the battery of the love’. The first regular album ‘the Lots Of Love (the Racheu Obeu rub)’ called the song about the love so far. It included the meaning that the first regular album ‘the Lots Of Love (the Racheu Obeu rub)’ put fullness and sends the love as much as it got the love which is many in the fans. The self-composed music through the various musical attempts and teuroteu besides genre is included with the title song ‘in the tonight’. ‘in the tonight (Love Tonight)’, that is the title tune, is the retro Ppung teuroteu tune which is born as the new harmonization of the disco punky genre and teuroteu in 80’s. One disco pop sound is added to the trot based on the since base, It is expected to become the new nation trot of young and old someone or Chinyeong Hong whom it can call easily. As much as it was the first regular albums, it kept time with Yeongsu Cho composer giving birth to its own debut song ‘the battery of the love’ etc many hit songs and once. Although the teuroteu in which the Ballard ‘the love, all, because of this’ announced in last January was active usually is not, the higher rank of the major sound source site is ranked and the popularity of Chinyeong Hong and ability is simultaneously proved and the expectation for this comeback is more raised.
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