‘idol’ Kyongkoo Seol and the 69 time the Berlin film festival official invitation


The actor Kyongkoo Seol was invited to the 69 time Berlin international film festival as the movie ‘idol’ with the formal. The agency Ssijeseu entertainment revealed on 19th, “it attended the past 14 days and 15 days (local time) Berlin film festival formal event and Kyongkoo Seol met with the local audiences”. In this film festival, ‘idol’ was invited to the panoramic section. ‘idol’ of the snow scene Gu Han Suk-kyu Cheonuhui starring is the new work of Lee Su-jin director producing the movie ‘one Kongju’. Till the woman who disappears with keeping the father and day of the accident secret in which the son who is equal to the life with the man who gets to be right dies the crisis of the political life worst in the hit-and-run accident of the son and which it follows the truth The next child built hises cruel truth which blindly it wanted to keep. Kyongkoo Seol completed the formal schedule including ‘idol’ formal photo col and press interview, world Premier showing, and etc. according to the agency in this film festival. Kyongkoo Seol revealed the work selection reason in the local audiences and Q&A continued after the world Premier showing. He saw ” movie ‘ princess Han ‘ originally well. Received proposal for ” in oil equation character because there was the deep belief about Lee Su-jin supervision. The scenario was read and the heart beaten just now. Like this, there seemed to be no moved work and it told. After that, ” Lee Su-jin supervision is trying to churn out every scene completely. It was the start which worked together and which on I thinks deeply. It learned many ones, the reaction which is good for “***” South Korean viewer wanted to be gotten and it added. ‘idol’ opens come March in the domestic.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745877.htm, 2019/02/19 09:09:10]