‘informants’ talent Donguk Shin and ‘the filial duty cheating’ dispute, after all, the tear


After all, the actor Donguk Shin blushed the edge of an eyelid with the grandfather and dispute, Donguk Shin enveloped in the grandfather signal germs Ssi and property dispute appeared on the KBS2 ‘informants’ broadcasted with 18 with the day afternoon and the inside mind was revealed. As to this day Donguk Shin, “1 trillion handled the house name under my name as “1 trillion part person trained. I refused continuously. However, it was the week, the grandfather, as to “***” grandfather bothered the family the family with the property with the stubbornness much. Therefore, it was know and confessed. On the other hand, “it was not got a nice body and it will support me asked ‘ me to Donguk Shin who is the grandson, the grandson will be like that, it did” “so, when the Jwoneun part and home got the home and it was not connected” the contradictory position were spread. The office of legal scrivener people concerned which the production crew finds told “the grandfather was uncomfortable with the conduct and we helped so that Seako Mao can, can get the authentication certificate in the office of a dong” “when it was right and asking, then to stamp seal on the letter of attorney and get the confirmation document and agree it was right and one handed over answered”. In this way, while it missed, the news that Donguk Shin and grandfather withdrew the suit and it agreed was heard. The job that it learns the grandfather thought that there was the most lots of the hour. The story that it thought like that and was busy and was unable to come to is listened and it understands now, there is a lot of “***” age and thought one is short. The grandson was unable to be better and It is unable to become the grandfather and it felt sorry and explained. The hurt hit against ” now seems to be big about this. The fact that there is no due to the lie which doesn’t make sense is said and it becomes a subject of discussion but aren’t you? Until the hurt received because of it healed up, it was likely to take the time and told. Donguk Shin was previously seized by the suspicion that it started ‘the filial duty the cheating’ against the grandfather last month. The grandfather of Donguk Shin insisted “2,500 in Daejeon with 2 homes pyongs of land decided to be inspired to the grandchild and the grandchild cheated me and 15,000 pyongs, that is the whole lands, were taken” at that time. After agency snowball entertainment revealed the position through the attorney elongation. The attorney said “the grandfather of the past Donguk Shin hosted the domestic violence, verbal abuse, and continuous lawsuit as well as the murder threat in the wife, son, and 3 grandsons and the deep hurt was inflicted on the family members including Donguk Shin”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745917.htm, 2019/02/19 14:02:41]