Shoe and conviction…”The auspices gambling fairy “


In conclusion, it become the habit Dobakbeom. S.E.S member shoe was sentenced to the probation year 2 for the charge of habitual gambling with the imprisonment on June. ‘it is the expected work. However, neverthless it is the shock’ the netizens is reacting mostly when the guiltiness is settled. As to the East Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office criminal 11 single Cheolhan Yang head judge, the penal servitude ordered the probation in 2 welfare service 80 hour to Mr.Yoo the prosecution without detention changing into the gambling charge in the afternoon on 18th on June. The court told “in the overseas casino workplace, the nature of a crime one point is not the fraudulent gambling which is close to 800 million won for 1 year 9 month light” “it considered to evoke much criticism in relation with the eletric power or gambling punished in the past and reflect and it sentenced” the reason. Shoe finishing the trial was at the front of group of reporters and it hung once again head. He, as to (gambling) started at ” first time with the curiosity. My appearance was so horrible and more and more changed it was angry and was shameful and told. And “it decide to be needless it will reflecting a lot and is again like that” “it is suitable to get the given sconce” the appeal idea told the none. It is divided into the response and regrettable response that the sentence is lighter than the idea and the netizen is offering the netizen views in relation with this. Isn’t 100% imprisonment if the people did like that? (ekdl****) it is the guiltiness of which the charge is acknowledged to hit against the globe, of which the, “it is the result that it expected” (jiji****) and ” first generation idol is ruined in this way or the penal servitude of 6 months. The execution was respited, it was ahead of ” (leeh****) “it is the ex-convict worn out” (twoo****) and “the now the auspices gambling fairy” (asim****) and the fact that it borrows the money for gambling about 600 million won was opened to 2 acquaintances in one hotel casino of 6 months Seoul last year and there shoe was adverse criticism. In inspection procedure, the suspicion of swindle part was under the being acquitted. However, one charge was the gambling of about 790 millionwon scale revealed in the overseas including Macao, and etc. and it was remitted to the trial.
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