‘the comment inner bath’ in which the poison becomes to lean and completion


It was the text which it leaves in the mind for the husband. However, the knife became to the husband so that It could become the action which showed the love and displays the good will and it come around, the name of the singer lean and completion decorated 18 days and real time searching Eo higher rank of on-line Portal site continuously. The reason is due to ‘explanation statement’ of the palm pattern which lean leaves. The beginning of the case is the photo of the leaf which the completion uploads. The completion opened the Valentine’s Day present gotten the day before to its own Instagram at last 15th. All Kkeureot the text in which it emphasizes the affection toward the wife (lean) the attention The bracelet of the gift in which the completion uploads the luxury brand As to ‘it will be loyal’, He, as to the month attempted the hash tag of the meaning under the photo so that there can be the charm. This online media insight quoted the placard catalog of the completion and this was published. The publicized contents was inserted in the formal SNS and the several netizens watching the relevant news put up the comment toward the completion. The content related to the crime which He commits was the most. The extreme expressions which are hard if it was SNS of the completion to leave moreover the line were succeeded. One netizen mentioned specifically the dark past of the completion among that, saying that it was “the minor doesn’t want to know what the minor surname fixer installs” this. One in which in conclusion the wife lean seeing fortuitously starts this Lean left the reply of the palm pattern beginning with the horse called “it was imprisoned and in order to tell of Ani, the relative wrote a comment only 6 months to pretends to don’t know even though it was well known”. I explained on reason which gets to write a comment as “if it doesn’t see and doesn’t read, then the attention didn’t write down and if it passes just as long as this comment is read, He is likely to be upset”, saying that lean was “the prostitution is the fact. However, the false truth can be rampant in this inside”. After that, the home work of the other who doesn’t want to know and can don’t know has to be well known in this way and it is likely to be tired as much as one can. As to this day, my job is really hateful. It felt sorry. It added to neverthless do the finish well happily a day. But after and public reaction was the comment hot. ‘mostly, the view was rightly displayed it can feel victimized it was the wife of the completion’ was thoughtless putting the action of lean, it is the reaction. It was due to be the shape exposing and the past of the completion which started obstinately for lean and evoked much criticism by the prostitution case once. It became the accent of lean, that it is ‘the prostitution is the truth. However’ moreover, the controversy. It is the opinion called the position which ‘it sold and bought sex but this one is not truth’ here and there will point out grandly the Ani. The felony of which the itself is meaningless was committed to care that completion be of secondary importance and this is one by one cared and the fact says be directly caught up to. However it is not whether the fact that He made the social public criticism in the past is changed. Therefore. After there the comment was adverse criticism, lean posted the new post on its own Instagram and the chisel attempted the attention once again. The many comfort, sent him to ” message and comment with the Sel car warmly, well, the Badat Seup kneader It wrote just to feel sorry all. However, it is the job which cannot know accurately whether it pointed out the related issue and didn’t take mention, it was aware of ‘the comment dispute’ and lean wrote. There are the stars causing the controversy or public criticism due to the netizen and verbal battle in the past. But the case which mentioned in the internet bullying by the emotional fact that was agitated and that made a slip of the tongue or that it can don’t know and my image fell doesn’t write thoughtlessly. It is good but the intention which lean writes down for the husband completion is the paragraph which the sense of frustration remains. Because the completion didn’t appear once again in the real time searching Eo through the past case if it thought more rationally and the wise management was gotten, it is the word.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745842.htm, 2019/02/19 00:00:02]