The hour which bites the tomorrow bi together and ‘the bulletproof bottom of the water’ and which it beats highly The debut countdown


The new group tomorrow bi together of the big hit entertainment (under big hit) revealed the concept photo of the debut album with the blitz and it started into the debut countdown. The big hit, on 19th, the chapter of the debut album ‘ dream of the tomorrow bi together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) in 0 o’clock the tomorrow bi the together official site and company SNS channel: The STAR’ organization and individual concept photo was uploaded. The revealed group picture content tomorrow bi together is freewheeling and shows the major supermarket the candid appearance with the background. 5 members wearing the casual costume of the light color look at the camera and it lies face down on the floor together or sits freely on the table and chair and is bright and the healthy energy is conveyed. In the together revealed individual photograph, the hood T-shirt and denim jacket, stripe T-shirt, and etc. is worn and the fascination achieving the boy beauty more is shown. The tomorrow bi together, which FRB, law, Tae string, and Huening car Iro which it is the number vacant is comprised on March 4th, the chapter of the debut album ‘ dream: The blitz makes debut through STAR ‘bring out and make up a special edition the same day Mnet’ debut cellar bration show ‘. The preview put the voice of the tomorrow bi together members was opened on 18th and Mnet refloated the expectation for the first debut stages previously fully. After that, the big hit, from a.m. 11 on 19th, the chapter of the debut album ‘ dream of the tomorrow bi together: The reservation is planning to sell STAR’. ‘it is gathered to one dream, you and other I make the tomorrow’ the tomorrow bi together are the Idol group in which the boys gathering together for one dream and goal exhibit the synergy and which is bright and which is healthy according to the agency with the meaning.
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