The influence nominated work had U.S. academy D-5 and domestic release ahead?


91. it takes place in 24 days (local time) City of Los Angles in USA Dolby theater which American Academy Awards comes. While the whole world-class actor or actress and attention of the movie fans are concentrated, the nominated work opened the domestic attracts attention. American Academy Awards is called as 1 ‘oscar award’. And it is the award of best film of American maximum which the film art academy society, that is American movie-maker and Sahoebeop, presents. The works looked forward to the reception visit the domestic theater district like any years. ‘cry the cold’ nominated for the director’s award foreign language film on prize for photographing opened ‘the Mary Ppinseu Po returns’ nominated in the fine art dealer music award of best costume theme virtual on 7th on 14th. Are there what type of works for the work having the unsealing ahead? ◆’ Deo favorite: The woman ‘the most nominated work, award for best picture director’s award best original screenplay best actress award, and etc. is almost risen to 10 sections with the candidate’ Deo favorite of the queen: The woman ‘ of the queen comes the South Korean viewer on 21st. ‘ Deo favorite: The woman ‘ of the queen is the movie drawn the story of 2 women who don’t cover the means and way in order to get the favor of the queen having the absolute power. The Yoreu Goss Ran flaw mos director receiving the 70 time Canne Film Festival best original screenplay caught the megaphone with the 68 time Canne Film Festival examiner prize and ‘the killing deer’ with ‘deo lobster’. The disintegration hot rolling was spread to the queen Aen who the Ollivier Coleman, Emma Stone, and Rachel wise holds the absolute power, be the desire maid father crab heel, and nobility Sara Herbert Spencer character to. In the 72 time British Academy Awards opening previously, ㅇ formed the splendid achievement receiving 7 sections altogether including the British cinema award for best picture, best original screenplay, best actress award, best supporting actress award, and etc. ◆ another work ‘deo wipe’ (the supervision Beeyon Runge) rising to ‘deo wipe’ best actress award candidate is having the domestic unsealing a period ahead on the coming 27th. ‘ Deo favorite: Geulren Rojeu Kkeul is in the woman ‘if there is the Ollivier Coleman’ Deo wife ‘ of the queen. ‘deo wipe’ is the movie drawn the truth hiding of the wife has been devote the whole life for the success of the star writer who is chosen as the Nobel Peace Prize winner and husband. It was elegant always and Geulren Rojeu Kkeul played a role of the character living the life as the wife taking lead of all works wisely in the husband with the composed nap faithfully in the movie. In 2,019 Golden Glove, kkeulren closed got the best actress award. ◆’ loose Leedeo Be Ginjeu bug: ‘it is nominated in the long work documentary section and main subject upper door’ loose Leedeo Be Ginjeu bug I oppose: I opposed, ‘ (the West · Zhuli Cohen in the supervision VAT) set come March domestic release in concrete. It is screened at 2,019 academy special exhibition which CGV Art House between two days sponsors on the coming 23rd on 24th in advance. The loose Leedeo Be Ginjeu bug: I oppose, it is the work dealing the life of the justice of the Supreme Court loose Leedeo Be Ginjeu bug which confronts the differentiation and prejudice legally and fights and upsets the world and history and love. The star of the movie is actually the justice of the Supreme Court in the U.S. Supreme Court. ◆ 4 month ‘the first baseman reformed’s visited ‘the first baseman reformed’ come. ‘the first baseman reformed’ nominated for the best original screenplay is the movie which witnesses the depravity state of the church due to the suicide of the radical environmentalist and which it puts the story of the pastor in conflict. The ox ‘ scenario which the taxi driver ‘ gets angry was written. The pole Schrader producing ‘ Exorcist 5-original prequel ‘ etc. caught the megaphone with ‘ American digitus manus. The favorable comment is connected to the activity of the actors including that the star cuts out Hoke, Manda A cyprid, and etc.
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