‘the solo only eight years of debut’ Dong-wu and infinite jump over.


The Idol group infinite member Dong-wu challenges the solo singer. Dong-wu agency second ring entertainment revealed on 19th, “announce on March 4th mini album which the infinite Dong-wu comes and come out on the activity” “start into the album selling by advance from 2 o’clock this afternoon”. The solo of Dong-wu is the first time after ‘the mind can be stained’ announced in 2016. And it has participated in the album including the Kim Sunggyu, Woohyun Nam, Nicole, and etc. by the featuring but the solo formal debut album is the first time after infinite debut in 2010. The agency hinted at “the solo album of Dong-wu had been being worked over 1 from last year” “it is the outcome in which it takes a long time and which makes in order to improve the percentage of completion of the album” the self confidence. After that, it told “the recent music video shoot is finished and it is in the midst of the current album final work”. Meantime, the infinite Dong-wu is in the midst of the end practice in order to show the best stage to the fans before the comeback. As to album, the reservation started from the online record purchase site from p.m. 2 on 19th. Meantime, dong-wu is having MBC variety program ‘the love of the number of houses and families’ appearance on the stage, that is come on March 17th first the broadcasting schedule, ahead.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745941.htm, 2019/02/19 16:36:18]