Wanna circle and ‘the Ppaenaen star’ singer ranking 2 the week the series 1 the Wi


The group wanna circle climbed ‘the Ppaenaen star’ singer ranking 2 week series 1 Wi. Wanna circle got 530,464 tickets from ‘the Ppaenaen star’ 2 month second week singer ranking vote proceeding from 11th until 18th and rose per B. The third obtained 78,096 tickets in Samuel that after that, Chiyeol Hwang learned 92,069 tickets and the later time was stayed in the second. If the artist takes care of the first place for 5 weeks in a row in the singer ranking, the Ppaenaen star ‘ shows 1 congratulation news in the display panel located in Korea and Japan Sinjukku. Advance into the Hall of Fame if the first place for 10 weeks in a row of is and taken care. Especially the various privileges are provided such as showing the news of prize winning by the display panel located in Korea and Japan, etc. But the nickname ‘windfateis’ doesn’t forget ” Woneobeul wanna circle the love us in 1 news of wanna circle once. Ours packed memory it was brightly dazzling The past memory. Of wanna circle loved beautifully and Woneobeul It would like to see even if the time is past. The words that 1 minute is equal to the year 1 were unbelievable and believable. Understood. This mind which will not be changed can award the edge to the end. If wanna circle Woneobeul of is thought, only love the word coming into mind. Wanna circle Woneobeul, forever. It promises to not forget. Woneobeul is always done with wanna circle. Congratulate the Ppaenaen star singer ranking 1 Wi. It told. The nickname ‘the Ohng bead sulphurizing agent’ congratulates 11 star our wanna circles 2 the week the series 1 the Wi which is very valuable to the Woneobeul, that is the star. It congratulated that Woneobeul supported that our wanna circle future shined brightly brilliantly still. Meantime, the contract wanna circle was terminated last December 2018 on 31st. After each one private activity is started and the fans are met.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745927.htm, 2019/02/19 15:16:33]