With the last phase of the moon mistake · Yeonggee Huh and sweetheart → seniors and juniorsProblem


It became so that the band country stand vocal last phase of the moon mistake (38) and group KARA from Yeonggee Huh (25) could walk its own way in 1 year with the open passionate love. The netizen “it looked good. It was separated due to the age gap. ” is showing the regrettable reactoin. On 18th, in the Portal site and on-line community, the various reactoins are shown to the parting of 2 people. It is mostly “it is not separated due to the age gap” the speculative reaction. The opinion of “the age gap appeared so and just it didn’t match and thought and was separated” (beau****) “it is unable to go long even if it sees just” (skyf****) “the open love of the couple who there is a lot of the age gap is the poison” (for ****) “the age gap is so serious” (yoon****) “it is all 30 uncle love finished with 20, as if” (juli****) etc. were shown. On the other hand, it was already separated and if someone been precious, it tells, what is done. It is the multiple reflection to the relation was not, meet ” (koal****) and be separated. ” (jang****) ” that, why, the surprised thing is not. What? It could be like that, there was the opinion condemning the netizen showing the reactoin leaving a space on farewell of ” (thew****) back 2 man. Previously, in the afternoon on 18th, the news 1 reported that last phase of the moon fable Yeonggee Huh arranged the love relationship with the recently busy schedule. Why the last phase of the moon mistake agency Interpark entertainment people concerned said in the currency “it is right that last phase of the moon right and Yeonggee Huh parts” “the rest item is not know done because of being the artist private life”. The agency of the last phase of the moon mistake and Yeonggee Huh acknowledged at March last year, “the assembly of the acquaintances met and it developed to the sweetheart” the sweetheart fact. At that time, 2 people became a hot issue with 13 years old age gaps. In after majority program, it is 2 people showing off the love but parts in 1 year to open the row child’s news and it causes to be unfortunate. Meantime, the last phase of the moon mistake made debut as 4 group band Guckkasten vocal in 2008. All Eodeot the public popularity it appears after MBC ‘appeared all singers 2’ ‘the mask king of singer’ back It joined in the year 2,014 KARA new member which it shows the vanity and it made debut. It is active as the singer and actor after KARA dismantling in 2016.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745856.htm, 2019/02/19 00:00:04]