Yeong-jo whom ‘hatch’ Ilwoo Chung draws


Ilwoo Chung selected the art which is not easy with the first show after comeback after the umbilical cord. In SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘hatch’ (the script Kim I the soul and direction Yungseok Lee), the Yeoning Gun gold dust role, that is the young days of Yeong-jo, is undertaken and it challenges the legitimacy quadrupole. The most the fusion quadrupole it appeared on many quadrupoles there was a lot of ‘the night watchman diary’ ‘the month incubating the sun’ ‘iljimae coming back’ back so far As much as it is the legitimacy quadrupole and existence character making a challenge through ‘hatch’ for the first time, on the Yeoning Gun gold dust station interest which Ilwoo Chung expresses is getting together. The Yeoning Gun gold dust which Ilwoo Chung ins charge of is Seje Wang where there is the problem that It shouldn’t become the king. It prepared till the genius which it is born with Chunban Ban ear prince who is born in the body of the adjutant, clever head, and cool-headed judgment but it is the person who is unable to be welcomed by where. As much as it was Yeong-jo selected as one people among the king which is great in Joseon Dynasty later, Ilwoo Chung got many preparations for this role. Ilwoo Chung revealed that acting of the seniors going through “yeong-jo who the age of sixty ash · Gangho Song, and etc. acts visited mostly” Yeong-jo from ‘hatch’ production presentation opening at last eleventh to was referred. He told “especially the role of the Crown Prince Sado which it thought to resemble the father much and not only Gangho Song of the movie ‘ Apostle ‘ but also the infant human acts referred to the son”. His determination was peculiar. Ilwoo Chung whom it speaks as “while the inferior and all energies being poured than this any other time and putting neck on the line and acting” reduced about 14kg for this part. Even when this Yeoning Gun gold dust which is thanks to this drawn in ‘hatch’ is sharp, the pain which is hidden in this inside gets well through the Mut Eo. Ilwoo Chung adjusts strength and weakness and is expressing the ambivalent appearance of this character. The cubic smoke was spread like the prince keeping the sorrow sometimes and the degree of concentration of the audiences was improved like the sometimes sly libertine. It is more expected as the future of Ilwoo Chung returning due to the more and more overripe acting ability from the discharge from military service.
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