‘you the fool’… chart all kill Ing the luxurious song didn’t cost


The solo ‘fool’ (twit) of the group smallpox nothing luxurious maintained the music chart top all week. It is him make certain the one’s own share as not only topic of conversation I do with the full-time job but also singer. ‘fool’ (twit) released at last 13th at 6 p.m lost the open day and sound sea orle music, it put name in the first place of domestic major sound source site real-time chart including melon Bugs Music Naver-music, and etc. and informed the gallant departure before. The real-time chart top was maintained after every day and the standard and ‘fool’ take the melon a.m. 9 on 19th. The first place of chart is maintained in the sound sea and orle music. This record adds the meaning more for the first time that luxurious announces the solo putting up its own name. All strings the attention ‘fool’ (twit) music video breaks through YouTube Integrated inquiry number 10 million view in five days of opening to the publicBesides, the first for was accounted in the whole world 11 country Aittyunjeu K pop singles chart including Canada, France, and etc. In the Aittyunjeu synthesis eulogy chart, it enters the total 19 country top 10 and the grade which is good as home and abroad is gained. ‘fool’ (twit) is the song which the fascination of the unique tone color of the luxurious permeates thickly the melody line where there is the toxicity with the tune of which the gangway bit in which the tropical element is added is impressive. Only it looks at me. It approaches so that the housekeeping in which it expresses by oneself who is unable to embrace the sweetheart taking care of me as ‘fool’ can be fresh. The solo activity between the trabecula is planning to be finished and the luxurious is planning to spur the smallpox nothing album preparation.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745881.htm, 2019/02/19 09:25:22]