CGV screen X and home and abroad 200 the outline breakthrough…”One ” which the immersion will refloat more


CGV many sides showing special center screen X broke through home and abroad 200 outline. CJ CGV revealed 20 days “200 number screen X Gwan (217 seats) was opened to the legal houstor mark E theater which cooperated with the theater chain legal cinema of the cine world group who is the past 13 day (local time) world 2 theater businessman and is located in the Texas America”. At June last year, CJ CGV agrees to open the greatest 100 outline for Europe of the cine world group and screen X and advance to the US market expansion. The legal cinema is the pole business which Guam, Saipan, American Samoa, Washington D.C, and etc. is managing 556 theatres, 7,293 screens. The Ri dozen to be known for the first movies now playings at theater: The battle angel ‘ was shown. The known Ri dozen: It is the action blockbuster drawing the story of the Ri that battle angel ‘the cyborg girl losing 26 century and memory’ is well known dozen. By delivering the unique world view which the director in James Meron Kka and ‘avatar’ production crews makes and image through the screen X version fantastic the immersion was maximized. Since introducing the no. 1 pipe in CGV Cheongdam cine CT, the screen X opened 100 number Jeom in CGV Cheongdu Jinnyu located on July, 2016 China Cheongdu, that is 10,000, with many sides showing special center which CJ CGV shows by the first in the world in 2012 in 4. Two, that is the class, months of this year and 200 number the screen X Gwan was from this opened in 2. The diffusion rate of the screen X is accelerated through the various contents and cooperation with the active overseas pole business. CJ CGV is putting the screen X cinema the goal until 400 outlines as opened one this year. For that the screen X could be let the global audiences know, the growth in the contents aspect played a role. Hollywood art was opened with the screen X since 2017 and the different pleasure was delivered to local and foreign audiences. The Ri dozen that 2 month solder heartburnings ‘ is well known based on the trust relationship with Hollywood distributor including Disney Co., Woneo brothers, 20 century Fox, and etc. this year: Hollywood work of 13 volumes was altogether shown including the battle angel ‘. The movie ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ gathered the entertainment industry breaking through 1 million local and foreign audience. As to ‘’, 600,000 audiences and ‘in the black fan’ ‘the and wasp’ ‘the mega Ro money’ gathered more than 300,000 audiences. The best marketing officer (CMO) Ken Ttyuseu of the legal entertainment group told “meaningful 200 number screen X Gwan gets to be opened and it is very happy with the legal cinema” “the screen X provides the surprising immersive environment so that the audience can experience the movie through the new way”. CJ CGV is the policy which the immersion of the seeing environment will move forward for the sound quality intensitfication for the optimization along with the quantitative growth due to the screen X 200 outline breakthrough. The DTS Corporation and partnership, that is the subsidiary of X ferry corporation (Xperi Corporation), was signed with the start for this. The DTS Corporation is one among the company represented the surround sound format. The competitiveness as the next generation technology special center has been being strengthened through the surround sound technology cotton flannel · complex of 3 page screens of the screen X and DTS Corporation. Since 2019, successively, DTS in the wall of the screen X cinema I: Bring in X (the technology realized 360 degree omnibearing surround sound) low profile speaker (Low Profile Speaker). DTS in the product of the Ekseuppeo Ri corporation and service CEO moderate gale scar or vice-president ” screen X Gwan: X sounds in were brought. Additionally, it told to be the schedule ” to been examining the strategic partnership expansion utilizing the technical skills of the both company and business experience and network. CJ CGV Chongyeol Kim technical innovation director of the headquarter told “when eye and ear will try the pleased seeing environment in addition to the know-how which the screen X has been building with the continuance so far so that the audiences around the worlds can enjoy”, saying that he was “one that partnership with DTS pulls the immersion of the screen X up onto the one-stage high level” this.
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