Change into “ppeunnom Na on Ppeunnom Na” and Lee Sun germs ‘the bad quality police’.


The movie ‘the bad quality police’ (the supervision mileage tiger) of Lee Sun germs starring set the opening in concrete on March 21st. The distributor Woneo brothers nose rear revealed the unsealing decision news the electric charge the poster and trailer on 20th. ‘the bad quality police’ takes care of the bribe and the irrationality is the crime film in which the dying bad quality police is driven into the explosion incident suspect and which is entangled in the plot of the huge company and which gets wider. The revealed poster, as to the face new of Lee Sun germs which has never been seen so far can arrest attention. The near miss the fury the team fill Ho (the Lee Sun dividing equally) which is talked over the telephone bursts out The Simsangchian thing took place to him, the appearance of which the tension of the touch-and-go situation prevails has a presentiment. In the together revealed first trailer, the day of the bad quality police team fill Ho which was over the corrupted cop and induces the fury was contained. It is full of the irrationality and crime as much as it cannot believe because of be said to being the police. As to He, speaking grandiosely as “the man who police Na is scary and who It becomes the police” the abuse is the basic. The violence is done not hesitate. Even instigate till “it does more only to work. Then” the crime. This kind of appearance is the curiosity of the audience Nop. In ‘the bad quality police’, it is Lee Sun germs and total destruction by fire. The back causing the persecution appears and it opens on March 21st.
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