Class intelligence and feticide confession hint of suicide… response ‘cool’


While the popularity BJ Ryu wisdom of the racing model from gathers the topic which is hot in the shooting Seong speech toward the out of nowhere feticide confession and ex-boyfriend, the writing suggesting the suicide in the afternoon on 19th is left in SNS and there is adverse criticism. However, the netizens are the sense which is fed up as it is fed up of rash words and deeds of class intelligence. Class intelligence appeared in the dawn BJ Namsun broadcasting on 19th and confessed “it had intercourse with the past progamer Lee, Yi Yeonghoh and the abortion has been gotten at that time”. It was the pro gamer native BJ Lee, Yi Yeonghoh pointed out as his ‘ex-boyfriend’ to be most embarrassed by the speech of unexpected class intelligence. The broadcasting was hosted with Lee, Yi Yeonghoh, moreover, its own individual channel and the insistence of class intelligence was refuted. Lee, Yi Yeonghoh said “it was right 8 years ago to meet class intelligence. However, the pregnancy status was done not know at all” “all Jiwot ‘ are suddenly the child of ‘ you the informed only one day”. The verbal battle of 2 people didn’t end from here. When Lee, Yi Yeonghoh reacted promptly, then in order to go well through class intelligence, moreover, its own individual broadcasting “obstetrics and gynecology gone together, divided talk, and etc. were captured”, he erased. It liked. It loved. That was all pitted against each other. However, it will be well Moreu whether the subsidiary gear will suggest the story without ” (class intelligence) and the image will be broken and because of discontinuing the indefinite period broadcasting, Lee, Yi Yeonghoh started. ‘the feticide confession’ of after Ryu wisdom occupied the real-time Portal site search word 1 and the second and began to get the curiosity of the men in one body. The netizen who He did ㄱ whether He was punished for the illegal abortion putting the speech of class intelligence, or not, did and discusses didn’t write. When the case is expanded, then class intelligence is the state where it leaves the text suggesting the suicide with this day afternoon in its own SNS and disappears. ” I of He can be dead with the photo shot the ceiling now. It was appreciated. One that, I saying the real all. The hello 29 chis of Seuttillokseu was gotten It could be happier and it thinks it is the last in propelling to upload my writing just. Presently, SNS was converted to the non-disclosure. In this regard, the world daily report reported to this day quoted the horse of the representative of the Gangnam Seoul police station afternoon and the report was gotten and it started on the investigation and was immediately dispatched to class intelligence of the one’s home along with the fire station having jurisdiction but be safe. It is class intelligence which hints till the extreme decision and which it expresses despair. However, the reaction of the netizen is cold. It is one that the attitude that it avoids is embarrassed when the Jeom and the case that the person concerned disclosing the past as the first was class intelligence are expanded. ” one knocks and as to netizen, is one stressed out in this regard? Is it to profit Wae? (yjpa****) the,” Eo Yes. It is the next patient and is one which why confesses ” (rkfq****) love story before year 8 now and which it profits alone. If the interest is in trouble at all and ” (seee****) and ” end is spited out, it know that be all the end. The heartburnings puts up the suicide suddenly. It is the unfavorable, it is ” (amdk****) or is the disease. The tube type bottle.”(skdb****) the opinion of the etc. is left.
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