Climb 4WX convergence Korea·China collaboration performance ‘the song of the Arirang soil’ and Jeongseon stage.


All Ollin that Korea·China collaboration performance ‘the Arirang and song of the soil’ (· direction transfer of control is work put) commemorating 3·1 hurrah movement and Republic of Korea temporary government establishment in the 100th anniversary will prevent in the Jeongseon in Gangwon Province The modern reinterpretted this performance informs Arirang the Jeongseon Arirang globalization in the Jeongseon Arirang center at 7 p.m. on March 1st. ‘the Arirang and song of the soil’ finished this performance they were having the background in Jeongseon based on the historical fact of at the end of the Goryeo Joseon early the Arirang quickening as the created epic drama, which utilized 4 WX (holographic screen) technology and which it is opening the new vista of the cotton flannel · complex the performance art market the historical China Ranjeou to pole source maiden performance in the prosperity Ri in last January. The Korea China Japan 3 country patent registration was finished. In the performance in China, at that time, China major Portal, the expectation for the Korea·China collaboration play was shown such as the numerous news was reported in relation with ‘the Arirang and song of the soil’ and it covered on the influence press company of Chinese I including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, and etc. directly, etc. The Xinhua News Agency evaluated “the visual effect like the dream could be felt from the stage” and praised 4WX panorama system, that is the advanced techniques, and stage directing power of the play using 4WX hologram illusion technology highly. The performance theme is the Arirang of the race which remembers and succeeds to the blood of the great year 100 deceased patriots and sweat and spirit and Arirang of the peace which the cosmopolitan prays together for the peace of the new future year 100. Moreover, produce the Hwaam Mineral Spring, Hwaam cave, light pattern tune, mall tripod head, Hwappyo week, and etc., that is the sights of the local tale, the historical stage of the performance the fantasy story with the background. Gwanjun Lee Oldaet performance representative director said “the stage, which the song of the Arirang soil is expanded to Korea-China collaboration performance commemorating 3·1 hurrah movement and establishment of provisional government in the 100th anniversary touchingly, all Yeolget the prologue of the advanced epic drama in the number of Arirang Jeongseon” high.
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