Gapsuk Suh ‘the San story of one’s experiences’ essay ‘interest’… sees the wave length at that time.


It is attracting with the mention of the singer and actor Yeongcook Roh who the essay of the actor Gapsuk Suh is the whole husband. On rumor “it divorced before He opened the book” that it appeared in the KBS1 ‘the morning yard’ tuesday reserved seat on 19th and got to divorce because of the essay which the ex-wife Gapsuk Suh issues the misunderstanding was corrected and Yeongcook Roh mentioned the essay of Gapsuk Suh. Gapsuk Suh issued the book called the autobiographical the essay ‘even I would like to be the hero of the pornography’ about the nature in 1999. The big stir the essay was caused on the basis of the San story of one’s experiences and concrete sex scene Kkumyeoeu in the world at that time. Gapsuk Suh had to alight from the drama in which it was appearing after the essay publication. Gapsuk Suh holding after press interview revealed “it wanted to tell in the place which is the nature which was repressed and hidden in the dark place bright” “the love of which my book is similar is done. It is helpful to the men who are trying to do and, it can divide”. However, as to Korea Publication Ethics Commission, the teenager harm degree each other decided this essay and the prosecution inspected the obscenity or no. Gapsuk Suh debutting as MBC 15 0 house talent got the attention as the image the personality overflowing in the debut early ‘best Theater’ back one-act play in 1982. It played an active part in the drama ‘tomorrow, the love’ ‘seoul ttukbaegi’ ‘noksu Jang’ ‘the school 2’ ‘the loved billon’ etc. as well as the movie ‘the fog post’ ‘the love of the dishing strip of rice paddy’ ‘the love song of the Re rim’ ‘pink’ ‘the dog eating the shadow’ ‘america town’ etc.
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