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In culture and current event program ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’, point out the artificial intelligence development present address. In the TvN ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ which today, (20 days) broadcasts afternoon, the Hanjae volume robotics and professor, this apical cap Seoul municipal science museum enema, and Dongson Jang brain science doctor appears and the various curiosity abouts the present address of the artificial intelligence development and artificial intelligence are dug up. Firstly, examine the various case in which the artificial intelligence is applied. It is made from the artificial intelligence speaker till the artificial intelligence house, autonomous navigation carrier, and robot even playing the soccer, it is uncovered. After that, visit the smart palm utilizing the artificial intelligence for the farming in ‘TMI research institute’ corner in fact. The cast moves forward for the various curiosity solution abouts the artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence steals the human job, whether on question experts which the back recalled the box Jjeum usually if it could fall in love with the artificial intelligence share in-depth discussion. This apical cap Seoul municipal science museum enema demands for the cooperation of the human and artificial intelligence, saying that he is “the relationship which has to cooperate when the artificial intelligence and human is not relationship which has to hold each other in check”. The program broadcasts every week wednesday afternoon 7:10.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746055.htm, 2019/02/20 17:07:47]