“it was intimate and leaves”.’The taste ‘ season 1 termination of the love


All preventing Naerin of TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ which it makes to take off the old bachelor ticket of the actor ipil wool on the coming 21st season 1 The audiences which cried with the appearing couples and laughed are the reaction that it is a pity in this kind of news. TV shipbuilding ‘the taste of the love’ production crew presented formal report data on 19th and revealed “finish the season 1 and enter the re-maintenance for the season 2”. The blank of at this time is planning to be fulfilled instead of ‘miss trot’ this. ‘the taste of the love’ starting to featuring the broadcast of was come out as the program, that is ‘the taste of the wife’ and ‘sub-brand’ (?) which was being broadcasted in advance, at September last year. The story of the couples ‘the taste of the love’ forgets the love and ‘the taste of the wife’ is the real love program of the stayed single stars. There was the couple variety program which ‘we got married’ ‘along with’ back is previously various but the point called ‘truly’ love was emphasized and ‘the taste of the love’ put the differentiation. It is Kim kind Min to play a role ‘the taste of the love’ opening part audience rating traction. Whenever 2 people which came out of TV shipbuilding weatherman yellow rice and forms the pink atmosphere broadcasted, the Portal site real time searching Eo was held. This was connected by the audience rating soon. It rose up till the audience rating 5.9% and ‘the taste of the love’ started with 1% acceded the dutiful son program of TV shipbuilding. It has the ipil people to play a role the audience rating traction from the middle part. The cardinal number kite met the second opinion was seen and He failing in the blind date was in a state of lull once at a glance. The active phrase narrow path and mind of the cardinal number kite He were without a break captivated and 2 people was married in just 5 months to meet at last ninth. The marriage news of 2 people was indeed hot. It met through the program and developed actually to the sweetheart, it was not easy. The ipil people and cardinal number kite was due to be married. All Badat the interest which besides there is a lot of the attitude changed of Kim Jung-Hoon who is ‘terribleness’ on the love The amusement Park was selected as the first places of (the) date. When showing figure which doesn’t consider the relative him opened him mind to the Kim China and it was more and more changed, then the cheer of many viewers was received. Junyeop Koo Geehye Oh couple showed the looks considering with the consistently. All Badat the interest of the audiences even the anticipation is stimulated even it is free and easy Youngjoo Jung Sungwon Kim couple joined late. However, the quantity was small and the grievance of the audiences was caused. ‘the long distance couple’ Choowon Ko and Bomi Kim who is the last joining runner is seen in the season 2. It revealed ‘the taste of the love’ pity “according to the contract expiration, the couple, Kim Jung-Hoon Kim China couple, Junyeop Koo Geehye Oh couple, and Youngjoo Jung Sungwon Kim couple opening the yellow rice or recommends Kim bell couple and ipil people cardinal number who cannot be met”. The program which sets the period that it is 100 days originally and ‘the taste of the love’ begins However, the time round of the casts was lengthened more than the expectation when the popularity for the program rose. The audiences are the pity. The degree of concentration for the appearing couples is due to be high. As to “it will be good if Junyeop Koo couple sincerity went well” (king****) “the flow said be strange, the disappointment is so great” (jjon****) ” appeasement couple, see continuously. The Seolleneun part it heels It removed to wait for a week, ” (chrh****) was so interesting and it is a pity. It comes back quickly, the reaction of ” (pant****) back is shown.
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