Kang Minkyong and companion dog pause and ‘click’ The first soloes ‘it loves and tries this way’


The singer Kang Minkyong entered the debut countdown as the solo singer seriously. The Kang Minkyong agency Stone music entertainment published the Kang Minkyong solo debut song ‘it loves and tries this way’ teaser photograph in Davichi formal SNS on 19th. There is Kang Minkyong before the solo debut on the coming 27th. With holding the companion dog pause in arms the photo center Kang Minkyong is forming the loveable micro. The pause is looking at the camera in the look Ttol going broke. That pause is embraced and Kang Minkyong at is being laughed as if it is happy. The loveable fascination is released from the personal SNS of Kang Minkyong and YouTube channel so far and the pause gotten many loves. Moreover, the predicting interview teasing image ‘just, Minkyong and Gyang civilians Jjeum EP.2’ image opened the first solo albums to the person YouTube channel and Davichi formal SNS p.m. 7 on 19th. The image heart Kang Minkyong was the behind story entangled in the album order and title song before the first solo album release honest. Firstly, kang Minkyong changed on the first solo album order ‘one album of Kang Minkyong’ ” Davichi in 11 and all ones were the beginning with Kang Minkyong. So, the number that it is ‘1’ approached. Because of using ‘1’ from Davichi any more, it was heart-felt and revealed. After that, ” tune was written about the birth of the title song ‘it loves and tries this way’ and 10 minutes froze ㄱ not. The melody came out directly, the half an hour “***” housekeeping froze ㄱ not. The lyrics is attached and the song is tried, it is so good. ‘it is this’ It told to want and the expectation was raised. The solo album ‘one album of Kang Minkyong’ participated in the album work overall/propagate directly and Kang Minkyong expressed the sensibility of me and color as the first solo albums which the solo album ‘one album of Kang Minkyong’ announces in 11 years since Kang Minkyong made debut as Davichi fullness. Kang Minkyong announces the first solo album ‘one album of Kang Minkyong’ including the title song ‘it loves and tries this way’ on 27th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745991.htm, 2019/02/20 09:55:00]