‘NARCISSUS’ SF9 and on stage magnetism child? Under the stage fellowship (synthesis)


“I am the public knowledge the Ttuiwonwat Eo on the SF9 association chatting room.”The Lending attending the SF9 Yeoseot number mini album ‘NARCISSUS’ commemoration of sale showcase which is held in the Seoul Olympic Park K-art hall is one unit of measure p.m. 2 on 20th. In this day showcase, geeae Moon announcer taking care of the member state guest, toughness, Jae gloss, pluralism, Lending, sun, Hwi the soul, and Chanhui and MC had together. For one hour SF9 members of which the showcase proceeds had the talk of the team members than me more much and the sincere teamwork and fellowship was expressed. All Yeoreot “there is the notice which I set afloat on the SF9 organization chatting room” in the question which Lending has the goal which it would like to achieve with this ‘NARCISSUS’ “it is the fan cafe the number of members which it would like to achieve with the goal of the SF9, fan meeting and performance goal, and etc. the horse” the mouth After that, lending thinks of ” me that it can accomplish always if it imagines. It thought that when being young, 189cm wanted to come to the height and 189cm was drawn on the wall and the height was slept everyday and my height will be 189cm, the SF9 fan cafe the number of members would better be on “***” old days more than 5,000 people now. 8,000 people was over now. So now, it believed to would be able to take care of the first place of music broadcasting this time and it explained. It explained and the album was said the toughness “the hard drinker was unable to do the box Jjeum in this seat with the health reason” “the hard drinker took part in the album recording song work much and it is unable to be together active and is a pity”. After that, it confessed “the hard drinker does ‘ everyone in us organization chatting room always eagerly and I rest alone and it feels sorry and I tell” “when it thinks that we have to be eagerly active to the hard drinker lot”. The Chanhui which it appears as the space on ended JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ and is like this debut and hits most against the great interest at last first The place in which the album release preparation time and shooting of TV show time overlapped and of which the practice time could not help being short The compliment achieving the affection was sent to this for the toughness “Chanhui learned the choreographing in a week. It is well colder than us learning for one month” the Chanhui. MBC music program ‘ show which the chan is previously white In the Music Core ‘, MC of is taken care and MC hazing stage is spread. At that time, the Lending uploaded the publicized encouragement writing on the fan cafe with the stage Jikkaem (the image putting directly) link of the Chanhui and was greeted in the pans. The Lending which besides this showcase mentions the other members more much in spite of being the question toward meLending was “when I think that I got the push which is really abundant compared with the other members from the debut and it was offered many chances” and explained “however, SF9 had the personality and other fascination. Therefore it thought maybe that the other member who I am not could go well more than me if there was the chance as much as He and it felt sorry always”. After that, lending told “the reason why it publicized thought of MC hazing stage of the Chanhui that stage of the Chanhui will be really wonderful that day and it will be beautiful and the more fans would better watch the video and wrote”. The tune of which NARCISSUS ‘title song’ doesn’t become pretty, compositively the various genre including the gangway, EDM, Reggae, and etc. is embodied The housework center ‘you’ is showing the mature self love said to me I showing through like the beautiful man narcissus appearing in the Greek mythology in the mirror “it is enough beautiful, the now doesn’t become pretty more” with another now of the speaker I who the one-dimensional listener designating the sweetheart is not. SF9 pointed out the state guest as the member matching ‘it doesn’t become pretty’ concept. The toughness “it is me and same age which is the state guest and the feel which is sexier than me seems to be well brought out” answered “the hair color is dyed the strong color and the concept is likely to be well digested for this”. The motion which uses the knee much such as it doesn’t become pretty, it surrenders to the floor and sweeps the floor or the choreographing moves the leg in the floor strongly, etc stops. The Hwi the soul expressed ‘the genius brother’ and Chanhui with ‘hardworking type’ and explained the sun saying that it acquired the choreographing and received the help of the members much. When telling, the Hwi zero will dance once in the showing an example, so would you know “while being the dance duty member who is the sun, it is to be original a good dancer”? It explained and was me confused and told. After that, it will try really much and ” chan is white the choreographing will tend to be acquired. My leg will be oppressed just now, would you know? It did and was confused and the episode was opened. Finally, “SF9 seems to be the most wonderful when being together” ” pluralism or the Lending likes Chanhui much. However, we 9 people itself arranges very well and it likes. “the sincere friendship was displayed as the horse.” it thinks the appearance which it embraces it takes care is the most wonderful”in the Lending and this presenting the commitment” what kind of costume or SF9 sympathizing the fans all Minneun ” the stage will be decorated with the sexy outfit which the fans want the first place of music broadcasting of will be taken care ‘it doesn’t become pretty’ of the SF9 which comes back to the new album ‘NARCISSUS’ in 2019 in order to achieve the big and strong goal called the first is revealed to the major sound source site p.m. 6 on 20th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746044.htm, 2019/02/20 16:42:32]