The bulletproof Boy Scouts and whole world stadium tour opening…10 time show decision


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts holds the whole world stadium tour beginning with 5 month City of Los Angles in USA. The new record of the tour is planning to be and changed once. The bulletproof Boy Scouts opened the poster of ‘LOVE YOURSELF SPEAK YOURSELF’ tour to the formal fan cafe and SNS channel 20 day at 12 o’clock at night and ㅇ gave the Latin America and Europe and Japanese show opening news. This tour is the extension of ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour continue beginning with Seoul Jamsil Main Stadium at August last year. The bulletproof Boy Scouts set 8 area, 10 time play in concrete according to the revealed days program through the City of Los Angles in USA and Chicago and New Jersey till the Brazil Sao Paulo Great Britain London Paris Osaka and Shizuoka. The stadium that bulletproof Boy Scouts sees come on May 4th City of Los Angles in USA rose (Rose Bowl Stadium), on May 11th, Chicago Soljyeo field (Soldier Field), on May 18th, New Jersey MetLife stadium (MetLife Stadium), on May 25th, Brazil Sao Paulo Allianz parke (Allianz Parque), on June 1st, Great Britain London Beulri Wem stadium (Wembley Stadium), on June 7th, France In Paris start Deu France (Stade de France), 7 the month 6 the day the ~7 the day the Osaka yarn bad luck stadium Nagai (Yanmar Stadium Nagai), and 7 the month 13 the day the ~14 the day the Shizuoka stadium echo the Ppa (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa), hold the concert. In this tour, especially, the bulletproof Boy Scouts opens all performances in the stadium. The bulletproof Boy Scouts finishing U.S.A stadium performance in the New York in USA city field with Korean singer primally got to form the new record as the group in which the stadium tour is possible in the whole world through ‘LOVE YOURSELF SPEAK YOURSELF’ tour at October last year. The electrocrystallization pushing on trains the 42nd show and the bulletproof Boy Scouts is opening the show in 20 areas including U.S.A, Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong kong, Thailand, and etc. beginning with ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour which is held in Seoul Jamsil Main Stadium at August last year.
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