‘the burning youth’ Hana Cho who? KBS 0 house talent The synchronism including Lee Byung-hun · Hyunchoo Sohn, and etc.


Hana Cho joining in SBS variety program ‘the burning youth’ with new friends gets the interest and there is. In ‘the burning youth’ broadcasted at last 19th, hana Cho appeared as new friends. He is the synchronism including Hyunchoo Sohn, which Lee Byung-hun Chunggyun Kim feeling gets through with KBS 0 house talent from and etc. in 1991. This winter appears as the wife role on the drama ‘country Diaries’. It stopped in front of camera after long interval and was a little awkward but Hana Cho had been working eagerly in the other place so far. In this way, it got to visit and was so happy, “***” ‘the burning youth’ was much seen. It wondered if someone came out and it travelled together with me and he told. The performance activity was ended in 2002 and Hana Cho converted to the dancer. When being the completed person of the twenty seventh number dance in Buddhist attire to be the national intangible culture, then it is on working with the dance department professor. The children was taught even before He acted. There were the men who the time selecting one among the acting and dancing 2 came, why selected the dancing with “***” and there was no trouble, it selected at that time. (Worthless) it was my has been think since childhood way and revealed. Hana Cho who is the age of 48 could be said to be the single this year. He revealed “the blind date was tried but the right man was unable to be met yet”, saying that it was “the last love 2 year agoes” this. The man members of ‘the burning youth’ were unable to hide the pleasure in his appearance. Especially Sung-gook Choi was the interest the steps. After that, minyung Choi asked the ideal type instead of him to Hana Cho. As to Hana Cho, ” character, as to the good man has the ideal type. The associative memory is comfortable and is good but it has fallen in love with the younger. It was not seen like the man and there was the time seen like any moment of men and the younger told.
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