‘the dancer having carry the vocalist X tied down’ best combination and Gasebeun JB· Yoo and unit Chemie?


The unit Jus 2 (the Jeoseu two) consisting of the Idol group GOT 7 (Gasebeun) member JB and Yoo and finished the fans the preparation everyday. The GOT7 agency JYP entertainment (under JYP) revealed recently, “GOT7 shows the second opinion unit ‘Jus2’ after the unit ‘JJ project ‘ of JB and camp and the first mini album ‘FOCUS’ is released next month on 5th”. JYP reveals the teaser contents of the fresh impression including the image suggesting the member of the GOT7 new unit, informs the combination of JB and Yoo and before image, individual case image, which and etc. previously. After that, JYP introduced 3 Jus2 organization teaser to 0 o’clock JYP NATION and GOT7 official channel on 20th. The teaser heart JB and Yoo and left the blue background shedt the cool feel behind and emitted the fatal look. 2 people displays the sexy visual as the hairstyle furtively wet and seem, the splendid accessory and look the charisma overflowing. As to Jus2, the line opens the first mini album ‘FOCUS’ 0 o’clock title song music video according to the agency prior to the presentation on March 5th on 4th. Additionally, the japan edition of the album ‘FOCUS’ is planning to be released. April, on 7th, April 10 beginning with Macao and 11 days Tokyo on 14th the Ttaibei and 17 days and 18 days osakas on 21st Djakarta and 27 days and 28 days Bangkok on May 4th the Sing edge Jus2 is started in the global getting popularity after that, the overseas 7 city and showcase tour of the 10th show is held the sense of presence is informed before the first mini album is released in the domesticHold the showcase in Pporeu. Meet each area fans who commemorate the birth of the Jus2 in the 10th size at the total 7 city and root for this 2 directly. FOCUS’ is revealed to every kind sound source site on the fifth of next month at 6 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746005.htm, 2019/02/20 11:30:14]