‘the hero who the guest is not’… creator reality three


The Internet one person broadcasting which gets unawares to have the enormous influence to Z generation (the generation exposed to the digital environment as the household which is born in the middle part in 1990’s until the mid 2000’s from the childhood) than any contents of platforms The which advance from one which the creators appear on the TV program as the guest and one in which one person broadcasting is used as the meterial of the program and in which the star comes to the creator (one person originator which makes the video and uploads) who is the leading role of one person broadcasting variety programs are spreading the variety programs wings. The KBS2 ‘the favor TV’ having JTBC ‘the law which LAN life-creator lives’ and TvN ‘the nephew TV in my hand’ and the first broadcastings ahead is this hero. All eyes is focused in 3 programs meeting the reality of one person creator. ◆ it is the real creator meterial variety program JTBC ‘the law which LAN life-creator lives’ (under ‘ LAN life ‘) for the creator due to creator of JTBC ‘the law which LAN life-creator lives’ creator. The first broadcasted ‘LAN life’s are the reality program which observes the living of the popularity one person creators and digs up their camera appearance from behinds at July last year. 2 ja Kim Sook, group new yeast member JR, creator Great Library of Alexandria and Yumdaeng, and etc. is hosting. It advances from one observing the everyday of four people of creator including the opening part Great Library of Alexandria Yumdaeng thin Nim Baejjeu, and etc. and the life of the colorful creator into is looked from the Beauty ASMR ‘dark room’ till the game special makeup. The course where these problems and one contents is made, frank every day, and etc. are completely contained and the eyes of the viewer is captivated. In the end of last year ‘2,019 Republic of Korea first baseman brand target’, it is ‘LAN life’ getting ‘The variety program to lead 2019’ prize. The expectancy leans to the activity to. ‘LAN life’ is on the air every Tuesday at 11 p.m. ◆ it is the meeting of the kids creator which arms with the TvN ‘the nephew TV in my hand’ prettiness by being cute, and celebrity. The TvN ‘the nephew TV in my hand’ was broadcasted on 17th. It is the program drawing the contents manufacture in which ‘the nephew TV in my hand’ entertainer and kids creator meets and which shows the breathing of the circularity and which puts the personality. It is the kids creator Eosseomhaeun and Ttuattu. The Mairin, zone & spirit and MC Seo Jang-hun, singer Wanson Kim, group Sebeuntin member Mingyu and choosing actor low stream water, and group Nora team member Chobean appears. It is the star Eosseomhaeun and Ttuattu. The Mairin and zone & spirit is the numerous uncle and famous kids creators in which it has the aunt fans and. Eosseomhaeun is the star lead about 2.95 million subscriber in YouTube with the person who is early known with ‘the dance prodigy’. The twin sisters Ttuattu Ji had with the contents showing every day with the YouTube about 530,000 subscriber. And the twin sisters Ttuattu Ji was suspicious and exposed the kids creator section the prominence in ‘2,019 Republic of Korea first baseman brand target’. About 750,000 people subscriber is held and splendid Mairin is being loved by the cute appearance and skill at talking. The broadcasting and YouTube channel is come and is gone and the zone & spirit brother coming from U.S.A is playing an active part as the great Korean proficiency. The expectancy rises in the ensemble with the talent of the kids creators and release charm and entertainers. ‘the nephew TV in my hand’ is broadcasted every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. ◆ the actor Lee Deok-hwa who turns on the KBS2 ‘the favor TV’ past 1 month YouTube channel ‘the favor TV’ and informs the prologue of the creator period of electric conduction before brings this to the TV program and the viewer is met. YouTube channel exceeded 6,900 standard subscriber, ‘the favor TV’ is broadcasted in KBS2 with 26 with the day on 20th at 8:55 p.m. ” past experienced Lee Deok-hwa till the drama, movie, show, and article talents previously without exception for 50 years but it is the different challenge to become the creator, that is 1. The young friends and communication was expected and the challenge was determined, the peers of “***” I see me and it is encouraged and is not afraid. The new challenge would better be played and the impression is revealed. The favor TV ‘the best part based on unaffected every day of Lee Deok-hwa and life experience of Lee Deok-hwa’ tip ‘ can be met. The eating electric conduction is expected to give alone ‘the broadcasting which it is indebted whenever it watches’ as well as the various contents including the electric conduction, soccer, ASMR, and etc. the fresh fun and emotion due to the concept to go alone to the coin karaoke parlor. The production crew revealed “the real time reaction of YouTube, comment, and etc. will be continuously reflected to the broadcasting production and the interactive element of the program will be strengthened” the manufacture policy. The interest rises in the hot electric conduction of Lee Deok-hwa and communication.
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