The promise ‘the lane’ of the weight… Geesung Yoon of the anticipation · leader of the solo (image)


It did well alone. The strong leader came back with the solo foot ladder of which he Geesung Yoon of wanna circle is sensitive. Geesung Yoon introduced the greeting the solo album on the basis of the look which it is fully tense in the first mini album ‘the aside’ presentation commemoration showcase which is held in the Yongsan gu two years elder blue Square child market hall the case Ne bravely.energetically p.m. 4 on 20th. The seat in which it moves the first shots in the solo was really tense. After finishing the stage, Geesung Yoon whom it tells “frankly speaking, be so nervous” was the continuously calm nap the steps. Then, wanna circle members and fan story came out, the original cheerful tone of voice was recovered. The video mail asked to be sent with wanna circle members, the voice rose instantly with one ton and It became ‘wanna circle leader Geesung Yoon’. It was drastically again serious when talking the solo activity. It was selected for the project group wanna circle member through the cable channel Mnet audition program ‘the produce 101 season 2’ and Geesung Yoon made debut in 2017. The hot love was gotten with local and foreign fans. After the end of last year wanna circle concluded the official activity, it sallied into the solo in just 2 months. It is the first solo activity runner among wanna circle member. If Geesung Yoon was trying to fit me to the concept in the activity of group, in order to present my looks bodily in doing the solo activity, it took care in many parts. The wind was expressed it will be good if it was well seen to the fan and public. After that, 11 had to install alone now that it people installs in ” activity of group. There was the burden or worry because the song had to be bodily led to the one’s own voice. 11 people ordered the meal many menus and it could share out. It has to eat alone now. The vacant seat is felt. Neverthless, the expectation was expressed there was the anticipation that it will be able to present the various appearance oves Geesung Yoon. All Bahyeot the activity aspiration called this day Geesung Yoon “the colorful appearance would like to be presented” In addition, it becomes much. It was the solo first runner among wanna circle. The looks done eagerly was shown, and the influence that it is good for the brothers could be not given and the affection toward wanna circle members was shown off. The sensibility ‘ it is the intellectual strength It is the qualifier which Geesung Yoon would like to listen while it is active with this. This was explained and Geesung Yoon laughed as if it were shy. It is the part which the trace of the deep consideration for the successful solo activity is revealed with the characteristic qualifier utilizing the sensibility which the end that it is ‘gamcheonha if it is the intellectual strength’ and its own name ballad song awards. The Naegeoreot the commitment which “although the hair falls out, it gets rained freely and would like to sing a song” utilize the title if as to Geesung Yoon, that it agonized for the tune which prepared the album this time and which would like to learn with the fan and listeners among several all kinds of crops candidates and it selected the tune the title song ‘the lane (In The Rain)’ records the first place of sound source rankAll. It attracts attention if He is able to make the joy of in the midst of rain. Geesung Yoon revealed ‘aside’ entire song sound source and music video on every kind of music site this day at 6 p.m.
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