The realization and sheep Se kind X Udo ring and action quadrupole electric conduction.JTBC ‘my country’ casting


The singer and actor realization returns to TV to JTBC new drama ‘my country’. The realization agency FNC entertainment revealed that heartburnings was white and it was cast in the station in ‘my country’ in which the realization is the second half of this year broadcasting schedule with formal report data on 20th. ‘my country’ is at the end of the Goryeo and early years of Joseon one action quadrupole with the background. The work it aims the sword which putting ‘my country’ which its own conviction tells, and which it draws the desire about the power and protection explosively The seismic center supervision and Seongdae Chae writer has together. It is the character feel the disillusion as the woman who the heartburnings which the realization is in charge among the pole is white, is bright and is progressive in the Jeokpye of the consideration. The character which exhibits the wit in the urgent situation based on the various information and prepares evenly till the insight has been conclude the problem Besides, it appears on the movie ‘seasung Ahn’ last year and the chapter realization in which the white Seohwi (the sheep Se kind) and Sonhoh Nam (udo ring) and fate red phosphorus is planning to meet and which is planning to go the story out of the Kkeul Eo digests the quadrupole action scene as the commanding officer leading the woman troop.
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