‘the steaming middle school’ The reason why the formula circle · Ilhwa Choi appears in the movie


It appeared in the movie ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ (the supervision Yoosung Kim) ‘accidentally, the marriage’ (the supervision Hohchan Park · Park Soo Jin) which the actor formula circle arousing criticism for the narcotic dosage charge and actor Ilhwa Choi who becomes a problem for ‘the Mi two’ (ME TOO· I had done) controversy opens side by side on the coming 27th. The performance of 2 actors who is the steaming middle made the noise from the release of a movie. It explained each manufacturer “it was the unavoidable choice”. The movie ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ media distribution trade show opened at last 19th. In this day trade show opening for the reporters, there was no editing, the formula circle appeared. It is Japanese bycycle influential person Katz threatening the star Eombok building (the stop Korean translation of Chinese character) and the part which He ins charge of is the role. The Celltrion entertainment, that is the movie manufacturer, explained “it was the situation where it finishes the shooting altogether before the case of the formula circle Ssi occurred” “because the major part of was being taken care in the movie, it was difficult to edit”. The formula circle was urgently arrested by the police for the narcotic dosage suspicion at February last year. As to police, the formula circle arrested him at the column which departed for Australia and which got the anonymous that it medicated Philopon intelligence in the local and in which it returns to home country immediately. The formula circle admitted the Philopon and cocaine fact of dosage altogether at that time. The check result Philopon positive reaction was confirmed. After at October last year, the formula circle was sentenced to the probation year 2 in the first trial in the imprisonment of 10 months. In ‘accidentally, the marriage’ press distribution trade show opening at last 18th, ilhwa Choi appeared. There was not a lot of his quantity but it could not help being noticeable to the eyes with the important indispensable role. After manufacturer BA entertainment presented formal report data and explained “it was the time when the Mi two problem of Ilhwa Choi is not on the rise at all at the time”, saying that after manufacturer BA entertainment was “The low-budget movies which the weak photographic between months is hard on September, 2017 in the middle of”. After that, “there was the presentation which Ilhwa Choi stops the actor activity in 2018 second by the Mi two person concerned” production crew was wrapped in the deep anguish. Consequently, it thought uneasily, it was truly unfortunate to the performance quantity was completely edited or it apologized it was unable to rephotograph, got to open. As to manufacturer, ” producer edited the Ilhwa Choi Ssi quantity till the line which can be done to the utmost. But the words of the deep apology to was asked all that it was unable to edit till the scene interfering with the development of a story as much as the role that the related person ins charge of was the father of the hero, was regardless of “***” whatever the reason may be and was hurt by our company’s decision and the position was revealed. As to Ilhwa Choi, the willingness confessed the sexual misconduct case which I committed at February last year past. However, while the following sexual violence exposure of the victims was continued, the Geose blame was gotten. He installed “the Korean drama actor society position of the chief director take charge, drama and movie · it is shooting advertisement, and Sejong University academic adviser Jik etc. all ones which will be put down” “the time of the steaming and reflection will be taken in the future” at that time. Like this, however, the name of the formula circle and Ilhwa Choi the manufacturer cannot be found “it could not help in being the movie which it puts before the case occurred” in the Portal site. list. It was the major part. If it could not help appearing, it was suitable to deposit the name in the list but 2 movies were explained in the behind where the movie is revealed. It is the apple the yes or no on stage appearance of 2 people causing the social scandal lacking in one or two movies far later with 2 high.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745993.htm, 2019/02/20 11:00:02]