The topic of conversation first of the ten celestial stems solo that luxurious · stern · Chungha… group is not enviable


There is the end called ‘the child who the pretty child side is beautiful’ ‘the flowers effect’. However, neverthless there are the stars like the jewelry which shines more when being the single. It gathered in the singers that proved the star quality which is hot the fence that it is the group and keep the musical activity grandiosely. ◆ all Chireot the debut hazing ‘fool’ smallpox nothing member luxurious is splendid as the solo singer it doesn’t know no more than luxurious and luxurious in the smallpox nothing The first solo ‘the fool (twit)’ of the luxurious sweeps around the first place of major music chart since being revealed at last 13th. And the potential energy of ‘the queen luxurious’ is shown off. The luxurious achieved simultaneously the first place of chart with the solo debut for the first time and this became a hot issue that luxurious announces the solo putting up its own name. The fool (twit) ‘ is the song in which the fascination of the unique tone color of the luxurious gets a cut by the melody line where there is the toxicity thickly with the tune of which the gangway bit in which the tropical element is added is impressive. Only it looked at me. I who am unable to embrace the sweetheart taking care of me was expressed as ‘fool’. Meantime, the luxurious finishes the solo activity between the trabecula. It is planning to spur the smallpox nothing album preparation. ◆ the stern and ‘wonderGirls’ are taken off and the solo singer Ro singer stern is the idol girl group WonderGirls from. The stern took a step the start at February 13th in 2007 to the WonderGirls debut album ‘The Wonder Begins’ to the world of singers. WonderGirls from was withdrawn for the study after in 2010. It converted after solo and ’24 hours are not enough’ was announced in 2013 and the possibility was shown, the year 2015 joined again in WonderGirls as the solo singer and it participated in ‘REBOOT’ ‘Why So Lonely’ album activity but WonderGirls disassembled the formal in 2017 and in conclusion, it came back to ‘the solo singer stern’. Continuously the stern showed the hit song march as ‘girl’ (2017) ‘hero’ (2018) ‘the siren’ (2018) back and it was grandiosely developed as ‘the circle tower solo singer’. ◆ the solo singer, again, the world of singers the first solo album ‘Hands on Me’ the Chungha which it returns again to the trainee identity after the year 2017. 1 the month the child OR the person the official disband the group child OR Iro ‘with a flapping’ singer Chungha debutted into eleven Wi of final ranking it held it appeared on the Mnet survivor program ‘the produce 101’ in 2016 it took off the Chungha and child OR person is picked up on June, 2017The debut was informed before. It was grandiosely the Chungha in which the first debut title song ‘Why Don’ T You Know ‘after’ Roller Coaster’ ‘ rub Yoo (LoveU)” taking the first place of reverse running announced 12 o’clock ‘ back already and which records the music chart higher rank result every time developed into the solo singer now. Meantime, chungha took part in the new musical composition ‘Live’ featuring of BIX Rabi on 19th.
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