Three people of ‘extreme Job’ and splendid ‘the loser resurrection’


The success of the movie cannot ignore the extrinsic factor. Even if no matter what, the literary value is excellent, the thing in which the misfortune overlaps and which goes broke is the innumerableness. The movie is the representative experience goods contents. It is due to be the goods (goods) which experiences directly, and can evaluate the worth. The enter industry itself is the high-risk group contents but it is different from the mostly predictable general material in that ‘the opportunity of one time’ exists. On characteristic word of mouth of the experience goods is very the important factor. If the favorable comment appears, the urge which it would like to undergo ‘I am alone behind’ appears. Especially the variable tends to act the movie than the other popular culture contents including the drama and play musical, and etc. in the time to release or the rival work or no, social atmosphere, and etc. more much. The outbreak of variable is always still existing in the middle in which the distributor release date regular control or the first-run theater security, and etc. proceeds amiably. The work in which it gets involved in the incidents in which the star will get the social criticism is the innumerableness. It is directly this reason to have the game of seesaw which lets the long period ball and which the makers are tormented to the last moment even though it makes the good work and work in which it can be satisfied. ◆ ‘extreme Job’ and successive generations box-office ranking 2-the successive generations comedy movie ranking 1 ‘the new box office record’ movie ‘the god, the box Jjeum 2-people and kite’ mobilized 12.27 million name audiences in 2018. The record of in series at bats Ssangcheon after 1 volume ‘- Crime And Punishment along with the god’ (only 1441) was formed and the dignity of 10 million audience work was firmly kept. After Heunghaengmoriha, the realize Pictures representative opening the motive for action got the attention as much as the interest about the leading roles including my humble mind mistake general purport Korean translation of Chinese character, and etc. as the manufacturer. This carved another significance and footprints on the Korean movie world in the point that it is the success of the thorough advance planning including the point and copyright security, that it is the domestic first box office hit of the series shape in which the whole book-sequel concept is not and etc. As much as there is a lot of the variable frequently cross the middle of the success and failure, the result is the world of difference. After Ssangcheon recorded the hit, the representative opening ‘along with the god’ manufacturer motive for action said in the interview with the writer “the hell and Heaven was countlessly experienced in the day”. All Jyeot the debt of the tens the hundred million with the movie ‘the opposition military’ box-office failure He made a long drive taking advantage of victory the opened movie ‘the man who It becomes the mine pollution and king’ (only 1232) was made hit on September, 2011 It suffered from the severe depression and He who is driven to the right before bankruptcy put neck on the line for ‘along with the god’. At the moment when being the most difficult and being urgent, the big win was hit and it revived. It died ‘ big win ‘ and ‘ small gourd ‘ being put, and frankly speaking, it revived. I was pestered by the panic disorder and depression which is severe by being unstable, that it can leave the movie world after ‘the opposition military’ failure. It was more serious as much as it was afraid whether it slept and went and was breathing properly and got until the psychiatry treatment. After making ‘mine pollution’ ‘the opposition military’ back quadrupole, it got to appear as ‘the history journal, that day’ (KBS1) panel for 1 year and is not the horse putting me directly that seen one is not everyone. It is unable to become aware in the around at all but was urgent than someone in fact. ◆ in the actor Ryu Seongryong-Lee Byung-hun director-Kim Seong-hwan maker-blind alley, there is another it overturns the forecast of the movies this year with the resuscitation ‘three people of loser’. It is directly ‘extreme Job’. This work opened on January 23rd is the Black comedy maximizing the expectation with the unique establishment that it runs the chicken restaurant for the narcotic crimes arrest and the criminal cases work for the lurking. 14.65 million audiences were passed over on 19th now and it rose per B and the something unusual was caused. It is the environment which the staff members of film are surprised after the stuff breaks through the spectator. If the failure on is stepped and it rises, then it gets the attention more. ‘the loser resurrection’ of 3 people rewriting with ‘extreme Job’ from the cinema world is mentioned. Lee Byung-hun director got the recognition as the first commercial movie ‘twenty’ in 2014. It shined together previously in ‘speedy Scandal’ (dramatization) and ‘sseoni’ (the scripter & dramatization) back till the shown potential energy. However, the bitter taste was seen as ‘the wind Baram’ (only 119) last year. Because of the audiences were unable to reach more than ‘twenty’ which is the previous work ‘extreme Job’ this Black comedy in the objective criteria, and instead lowering ‘the class B emotion’ and securing the public acceptance, it criticizes favorably. The result of public entertainment told but anyhow the good estimation two Wi of successive generations box-office ranking and new history called the first place of the successive generations comedy movie ranking was written. If Ryu Seongryong and producer Kim Seong-hwan knew, it was the card in which the current work will decide ‘just thrice’. Ryu Seongryong was the poor situation without the art in which so it will make stand after ‘gift from Room 7’ and ‘conviviality’. 100 was unable to pass over and moreover, as to of the globe the just before movie ‘tortion’ the cloth was the pride of the actor long. When the fun (heung) represented Kim Seong-hwan representative as one movie ‘the ultimate weapon bow’ (only 700) with Ryu Seongryong, the net (net) was done with ‘the beam painter’ (only 30). In the success of film, there will be no royal road. However, so it will don’t know also whether the resurrection of ‘three people of loser’ restoring from death before the blind alley will seem to stand out more. Or not.
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