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While the head designer Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra (Karl Lagerfeld) of the Chanel passed away, the memorial wave of local and foreign stars was being continued, the foreign newses including 19 days (korea’s point of view) BBC, and etc. reported that great master Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra of from Germany fashion world leading the revival of Chanel died of 85 years old diaries. The exact sign of the dead was not revealed but the health condition was known to be drastically aggravated according to the news recently. The knife it falls asleep to this day Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra formal twitter account comfortably The Rest In Peace from the timcal family love you forever and Karl The memorial writing called the Love Forever From Your TeamKarl Family)” was published. When the sad news is known, then it is transparent to be unfortunate and the child the stars is joining in the wave. Han Hye-Jin cannot forget the time when it will rise to his stage in the year 2,006 Paris for the first time by Instagram on 20th. It was the model as the fan. There is no He with “***” because it could work as the woman with him, it was happy, it was difficult but attempted that his last collections were well finished and it wrote to imagine Chanel. After that, one legend is and sent to the neighborhood of the mademoiselle coco now and He of is cherished the memory as the respect and love. Knife It rested comfortably, it added. The stylist Hanhye kite uploaded the writing called “RIP Karl Lagerfeld” in Instagram with the Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra photograph. The model receiving an order and Hye foil uploaded the memorial writing of the palm pattern or photo taken with him besides the Hanhye kite. “My Heart Is Broken along with the photo which besides it shot with the Lindsay Ro limit lifetime Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra The Thank You For Everything X(feeling has painful so. Many ones were appreciated, the essay was posted. SNS (the Sosyeol relationship network service) memorial writing was uploaded and the foreign stars told the sad mind besides these to the David Beckham, Victoria Beckham couple and singer Eibeurillabin, and KT ferry. Meantime, the Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra becomes the sensation in the domestic as the photo shared with the lifetime G-dragon, Super Juniors hour circle, CL, and etc.
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