“till the picture gift”.’The viloet ♥ ‘required reading’ video star ‘the younger man fascination’ Ppuppum ‘


The actor Sonhoh Kim tearing down the B1A4 renal pelvis, required reading, and disease appeared on MBC Every1 ‘video star’ which expressed the affection toward the sweetheart viloet and it was the topic, in which the Idol group big star member required reading is broadcasted with 19 with the day afternoon. This day required reading opened the professional level painting ability and mentioned the viloet and showed off the constant love. The required reading draws ” picture. The exhibition was held recently and many people bought the picture and it confessed. After that, it told “the picture is drawn to the girlfriend or the letter is written”. The required reading is like that when MC sandara Park asks in this “the gift was made to the current girlfriend”. This man of is thought and the drawn picture or self-portrait is drawn and it gives. It drew that it thought of him and I think and gave and it answered. Moreover, asked “the picture is colored with the violet”. It told the required reading “paint with the various colors” and diffident figure was displayed. Meantime, the passionate love is admitted on June, 2017 and the viloet and required reading is keeping the open passionate love.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746009.htm, 2019/02/20 11:43:34]