‘Ani’… Kim Bora ♥ Byeonggyu Cho and ‘SKY Castle sweetheart’ confirmation (synthesis)


It denied, saying that it was not continuously. All Arat with the line which it was cold and the exquisite atmosphere and evidences which it makes to doubt to be the sweetheart overflown, however, is still not because it draws the cable so that so that the person concerned can be clear. However, with it dated in fact in the different manner as denying the rumor of love and develop the love the star that JTBC popular drama ‘SKY Castle’ makes and Kim Bora (24) and Byeonggyu Cho (23) were confirmed on 20th. In the whole place of Gangnam, the coverage result 2 man that it comes out on ‘the pact check’ was not different from the other couple who enjoyed the date and grows the Alkongdal bean love. The Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho was kind in the reality as much as it was right to positively deny the rumor of love which became a subject of discussion last month but it wanted. In the busy fixed inside, the hour was checked, the movie was watched and it ate and the street date was enjoyed. The end piece · cable drama all-time high audience rating was recorded and after ㄷ had been being not, more intimate figure Thailand Phuket reward vacation left with the cast · production crew was shown. On all accounts, it knew now just now to be the sweetheart starting the love. The group of reporters entered the confirmation report at last eighth in fact. 2 people denies actively the rumor of love through the various media. While the scene which 2 people holds hands in the drama making video was noticeable to the eyes last month of the fans, the love affair of the Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho was lit. However, positively 2 people denied the relationship in the broadcasting and interview, individual broadcasting, and etc. ” love in Byeonggyu Cho its own SNS live, not, one everyone There was no man who would like to do and the cable was drawn specifically. Positively the Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho was explained to appear on the broadcasted KBS2 ‘the Happy Together 4’ 31st and 7th of last month and be “the love affair is not truth” “one which the making video comes out oddly”. But the public interest continued even after the drama ended at last first. Because ‘SKY Castle’ recording the audience rating of the successive generations Bijisangpa best and 23.8 % (nielsen Korea and charge platform standard) was 2 people which made the various syndromes and played a role in the audience rating tow among the pole as the central person severely, the interest of the fans was not easily decreased. The date scene of feeling sweet the first day Kim Bora coming out on the confirmation report and Byeonggyu Cho was independently captured in fact. It was the moment when sharp ‘point’ of the audiences is confirmed as the fact. The date scene of the Kim Bora which ‘SKY Castle’ cast goes to the reward vacation round Thailand Phuket and which splits and is afterward altogether faced with the busy time based on the past 10 days and Byeonggyu Cho was confirmed. The fresh meeting of 2 people didn’t cover the time and place. The cable was authentically drawn in the love affair but ‘the open date’ was enjoyed as much as the like mind was unable to be concealed. The Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho could have the movie watching and shopping in the large shopping mall and for the Golla week, the looks can see the wearing dress and property in Phuket. The date was enjoyed in the restaurant which the men are crowded. It had the appearance which was not aware of the attention of the men and looked and spends the time which the smile is full during. 2 people played a trick captiously or did the skinship without constraint and he uploaded the photo on SNS. The photo, and etc. put on the reward vacation which it leaves for Phuket with the marked photo were raised from last 10th until 14th and the Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho built the mood feeling andonce sweet. The writing uploaded with the photo was the friendship toward the colleague. However, the photo smelling of the exquisite atmosphere was saying ‘passionate love’ clearly. This was sensed but it was the place where the person concerned deny the passionate love originally strongly and the press aired the ambiguous speculative article of ‘the love affair through can be gotten’ type. The scene enjoyed past to come back from the Phuket reward vacation on 15th dinner the walk with the box was captured. In spite of spending the Phuket reward vacation between 3 night 5 day together and meeting after the separated Ji day, these welcomed like the sweetheart just getting back together again after long interval. It was the ingenuous dinner. However, the aspects of 2 people which had a meal together and which it takes a walk smelled strongly of the sweetheart atmosphere which the hapiness is full. The Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho didn’t smell of the atmosphere feeling sweet in ‘SKY Castle’. Rather, the scene tended to write exceedingly. The Kim Bora accomplished the group SF9 member and actor Chanhui (the space opposite) and the loveline in which Byeonggyu Cho is not in the drama. When being the rival competing the style of writing Chinese characters (the Gimhye gloss) and care-of 1 and the second, then the Hyena which the Kim Bora acts gave the tension in the unexpected death from a fall as the daughter of the poor single mother and different mother sister of the style of writing Chinese characters in 15 times to the pole. He is meeting the public by the web drama ‘the ear Cinderella’. And the Chat child goes to the cable channel, that is the coming first broadcasting schedule of 4 months, TvN new drama ‘her private life’ for the viewer including Minyoung Park Gimjaeuk, and etc. The Kim Bora debutted as the performer into 9 years old young ages through the KBS drama ‘wedding’ in 2004. After making debut, it appeared in the drama ‘Moonnan So Kongchoo Chil’ ‘the Kimchi cheese smile’ ‘the garden of the mother’ movie ‘for Horowitz’ ‘the suspect X’ ‘monster’ and the face was informed before. At the time of being active as the child’s part, cute it came into the spotlight as the strong acting ability and appearance and even after It becomes the adult actor, the activity is constantly kept and the ability is developed. Byeonggyu Cho played an active part as the twin brother standard of Kim Donghui who is resentful in the pole as Seojun. The standard having the cold personality, desire to win, and rebellious phase was expressed to be characteristic. Seoul art college smoke department from was graduated and it debutted as the over year 2,015 KBS drama ‘the Who are you school 2015’. It appeared in the movie ‘the life one the love’ and ‘the world of the girl’ etc. and the childhood of the star of was played a role and it came into the spotlight at the drama ‘the Don flower’ ‘the queen of on 7th’ etc.
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