Clara major work and leggings opening of a baseball game → man of means husband ‘samuel Hwang’


The actor Clara (33). Be still the marriage all or after most hot. While the fact that his husband, as to MIT from start-up investment is Samuel Hwang (35) is known on 20th, the interest toward He is becoming hot more. The dispatch reported on 20th, “the famous investment the husband of Clara was Samuel Hwang” “it is the businessman making the big win at China with the education business and is investing in the domestic start-up company at present”. Samuel Hwang is Korean-American according to the news. In the Massachusetts US institutue of technology (MIT), the graduate and master course was gone through. It went over to China in 2009 and ‘the new passway education’ was founded. There is that inside and outside of country are covered and the various businesses are spread. It is the agency Kkorianakkeulla of Clara and also Samuel Hwang the husband of ” Clara is hit with the side. It was Korean American. It recognized as the start-up investment businessman “. The sea where the curiosity leaned to the congestion of the husband while the news that Clara set up the newlyweds home in the Songpa-gu Seoul Lotte World tower previously was known Because it was originally the high price, and moreover, many celebrities were living, there were a lot of these wondering on husband having the grand wealth. However, clara considered the people husband at that time and salty one introduced as Korean resident in America businessman of 2 years old associative memories. In the Lotte World tower, gyeokhoh Shin the chairman of Lotte is living. It is the place which the actor Cho In sung and singer Junsu Kim etc. trades. This place opens Jamsil Lotte World tower with the completed luxury apartment on April, 2017. The parcel price was known to be 34 billion won relationships in 60 pyongs with the large-sized unit between 300 pyong about 4.2 billion wons. The dispatch told on house of the newlyweds “the sale price 8.12 billion won and 76 pyong scales” of Clara. The house of the newlyweds was opened to its own SNS directly and Clara became a hot issue previously. Clara made the garden with figure where there is the garden in ” my house in the house. The dark and deep-black wall was decorated with the harmonization so that the clue cya “***” and insect which was good for the air purification and in which the vitality is strong didn’t may appear, it explained. The photo of the grand piano placed at the house was taken and Clara uploaded and, saying that it was “100 Nyeondoen stein Wei grand piano which the husband buys on the gift”. The price asks price for 1~200 million won at the stein Wei Aendeu Sons (Steinway & Sons) and the brand of the relevant piano was known. Additionally, the nice night view photo the inner house showing was raised in the day before through SNS, saying that it was “spend cheerfully the beautiful night view of Seoul city and lunar New Year consecutive holidays seen in the home during”. Presently, it expected when the concern degree would fall relatively by the Clara concentrate than the before. However, He became the person of the sensation by the husband possessing the super luxury house of the newlyweds and financial power as the marriage news surprisingly and once in last January. Clara appeared in the drama ‘the invisible man longest life’ ‘the Daehui Hye-gyo supreme sagacity’ ‘the during beauty woman’ ‘the captain it asks’ ‘the delicious life’ etc. as the daughter of the singing group member two wins Gyu. Since after leggings was worn and the sensation came the opening of a baseball game to one, the real recognition was gotten. He put the art of ‘apostle ascetic’ ‘qualitative’ unisexuality ‘ etc. on China recently.
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