Is the Occult good restaurant? … the Jaehyun Jang supervision ‘the Saba Ha’ ·OCN ‘glazing’


The Occult (occult) genre dealt the Sibnijeok and supernatural phenomenon The new Occult work visits the public. It is directly, the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (jaehyun Jang supervision) and cable channel OCN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘glazing’ (the script Bakhui steel · direction most Do Korean translation of Chinese character). In the priest ‘ rake up the Saba Ha ‘jaehyun Jang director catching the megaphone up to the previous work’, occult was dealt. OCN had been meeting Occult the viewer in the meterial with one drama constantly. The Occult genre works of Jaehyun Jang director and OCN are pointed out. ◆ it came back to the Occult work of which Jaehyun Jang director mobilizing about 5.4 million audience by ‘the Saba Ha’ ‘the black priests’ (2015) from ‘the Occult ♥’ Jaehyun Jang director and ‘the black priests’ is fresh. ‘the Saba Ha’ is meeting the audience by the screen from 20th. ‘the black priests’, that is the debut work of Chang director, made the Catholic exorcism priest privately with the meterial. The favorable comment that it built the Korean style Ek Girls’ Generation the time genre was gotten. ‘the Saba Ha’, moreover, all Badat the great interest from the unsealing it is the new work of Chang director Chang director named by oneself as “the religion ‘ Otaku ‘” to the interview proceeded with the press with ‘the Saba Ha’ unsealing. It told and, “it thought to capture the trouble and idea which the hiding human can install in the religion to the utmost and would be able to make someone or talk in which it can sympathize”. The voice of the expectancy about ‘the Saba Ha’ and next work come out from the audiences fascinated in the original world of art of ‘the religion Otaku’ Chang director. While investigating the new religious sector that Park pastor (this standing) of the religious problem research institute is the deer personal property prior to, ‘the Saba Ha’ gets to face more and more with the mystery. It is the thriller movie drawing the content that it has been digging up this. ◆ the Occult good restaurant OCN and ‘it finds’ · ‘the hand, more, the guest’ · ‘riseutteu Ppeu’, after that, even if it will express as ‘the Occult good restaurant’ if ‘glazing’ about this much will be done, it will be good. OCN is captivating the audience with the Occult genre drama constantly. The middle was televised since back in 2017 this year or the Occult genre drama, that is the expecting to telecast, is 7 works. ‘it finds’ ‘black’ found TV with ‘the small god’s children’ ‘the hand, more, the guest (the hand The Guest)’ ‘riseutteu Ppeu’ in 2017 last year. It is having come March ‘glazing’ and 5 month ‘the Guhaejwo 2’ telecast ahead. Continuously what is the reason why OCN releases the Occult genre drama? The circle Ha the contents which lets the art of the Occult meterial and one is among others various at OCN people concerned “OCN attempted the genre expansion in the line and ill will contest through the various original works with the large-scale connection presenting the delightful catharsis continuously so far. The world view which the existing crime thriller genre besides is various is made”It thought that it had the interest which is abundant in this work also drawing the unknown world view with the viewer, it explained. The Occult genre drama which OCN produces has been gaining recognition for the value of work. And the close lovers of is made a boast. The difference with ‘glazing’ and last drama put out newly was pointed out and the people concerned held the expectation in reverence. The character that if the coupling of the Ek Girls’ Generation the time and shamanism and ‘ Riseutteu Ppeu ‘ the guest ‘ showed the tradition Ek Girls’ Generation the time as the Korean style real Ek Girls’ Generation the time more with the He “as to ‘ glazing ‘, that is ‘ hand, more, the guest ‘ Riseutteu Ppeu ‘ and launching plan, there is the common-point called the Occult meterial but the personality is different according to each work” the hand, ‘ glazing ‘ is unique It expatiated the new Korean style Occult work ” in which the Occult and fantasy is combined to the ground. In addition, it thinks that ‘ Chemie ‘ of the character and Saebyeok Song Koh Junhui stands out and It becomes someone or work which it can enjoy enjoyably. The many interests were asked and it made a request. ‘glazing’ having come on March 6th first broadcast ahead is this Ri the detail that it follows the wicked soul in which your esteemed younger sister Suhchung Hong (the Koh Junhui) having the badness detective Philsung Kang of which the zero is clear (saebyeok Song) and strong spiritual strength does the glazing in the body of the man and which commits the crime the thriller drama. The actor Saebyeok Song Koh Junhui Yeon Jeong-hun Hanson Cho Lee Won-jong, and etc. appears.
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