“it doesn’t end until it ends” The steam Sun precious stone ‘the grace of the blind end in a mine gallery’


It is SBS TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ which the dispute is not stopped until it ends from the first time. It was the work which ‘the blind end in a mine gallery Gye godmother’ Soonoak Kim author writes and the drama tool the Kkeureot Ji caused each time interest the result that it puts out the blind end in a mine gallery story without the answer. The state where the audience is opening the voice of the protest by “even if it does even if it does, it is unreasonable” Blue House national petition bulletin board The interest is concentrated if today, ‘the grace of Empress’ which draws and finishes the long march of (21 days) 52 parts can gather the successful conclusion. On 21st, in Blue House national petition bulletin board, * entitled ‘the grace Soonoak Kim writer of Empress deprives’ was published. Appearing ‘the pregnant woman sexual violence’ scene was mentioned in the day before broadcast installment and the author pointed out “the broadcasting regulation was ignored”, saying that it was “over X rated class the watching of drama limit is 15 differential” this. It is Min existence and the content that (it is resentful if the teeth cuts out) faces the sexual violence among the pregnancy in the past the scene which becomes a problem is put with the broadcast installment at last 20th. It is the part explaining the reason why Minyura could not help committing the evil conduct in Imperial Household and background which It cannot help becoming the wicked woman but as to partial televiewer, “it imposes” is reacting. And in this day broadcasting, the appearance in which the lauan equation/stuff stupidity and poverty (choi Chinhyeok) who is the hero dies was drawn. However, the aspects of Choi Chinhyeok could not be seen. While ‘the grace of Empress’ extends 4 times in the end all of a sudden, it gets to coincide with the days program which the Choi Chinhyeok seizes in advance. It revealed against its own SNS “when It became me not to come out of the yesterday broadcasting finally starting next week” at last 15th but the Choi Chinhyeok cannot help being disconcerted in the audience position. The development of ‘the grace of Empress’ for was gone to the mountain to such situation. Then the establishment which doesn’t become even if it been provocative as it was like that continued. As to ‘the grace of Empress’, the dispute continued already from the beginning. The looks, and etc. in which the bed scene and the water level is high adultery and South Korean Emperor which makes love to 3 women frowned. It is not only this. While the animation action scene of excessive PPL and divinity rock and Choi Chinhyeok, figure which confined in the mental institution and which it abuses, figure, and etc. which there was no esthesia, it treats the force was on the air, the dispute was continued. The direction provocative of PD pushing the leadership to the provocative story of the steam writer became more and more, especially ‘the grace of Empress’ was the flow which It cannot help becoming naturally ‘the last part king on the blind end in a mine gallery’. The text made the voice of the criticism in the viewer’s bulletin board stops. ” Jakga Nim Is it one which it does what? “what do I see?” Read ” flow of the time. Is the idea which it comes out of someone head? Isn’t it that “it is the drama ignoring the viewer downright” “there is no stupid” “it did and the drama direction is truly dirty in any chances” ” Jak reaches? The pregnant woman sexual violence Irani ” author PD SBS put the civil application the blind end in a mine gallery all, no matter what, ” correspondence made the civil application. The spare time part Blue House civil application is entered, the negative reaction of the back is pouring. ‘the grace of Empress’ ending 21st lastly The interest is concentrated if how the end of the mad drama is finished.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746127.htm, 2019/02/21 15:20:57]