‘leaving the world’ Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra and domestic personal connections till G-dragon →CL ‘attention’


When the eternal sleep news of the Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra (Karl Lagerfeld) was known, then the domestic stars who the lifetime He holds the relation, as to the foreign newses including string everyone.19 day (korea’s point of view) BBC, and etc. reported the attention, the great master lager pelt of from Germany fashion world died of 85 years old diaries. The knife it falls asleep to this day lager pelt formal twitter account comfortably The Rest In Peace from the timcal family love you forever and Karl The memorial writing called the Love Forever From Your TeamKarl Family)” came up. The lager pelt interchanges with the star which is abundant in not only overseas but also domestic. The singer G-dragon was uniquely invited to Chanel collection with AsiaStar in 2015 and the lager pelt gave present of the special edition of Chanel to him directly. At that time, G-dragon uploads the writing called the photo “the knife grandfather” put at SNS with the lager pelt. The singer CL becomes a hot issue with the lager pelt by the put photo. “MUAH along with the photo CL producing the scene kissing on Instagram with the lager pelt in 2014 #chanel# the writing that it is the Haute-couture Rememberto Check Out” was uploaded and the friendship was expressed. Singapore burns, the invitation of the lager pelt against is hit and the actor Ryeowon and Seawon Choi attends in ‘the Chanel 2,013/14 cruise collection’ which is held in Rowen cluster located in the heel. Ryeowon revealed the picture taken with these on Twitter at that time. The actor Hyegyo Song, moreover, the lager pelt and relation is deep. Hyegyo Song uploaded the pictorial photo worked with the lager pelt in Instagram with the writing called “Rest in peace #karllagerfeld” on 20th. The stars that as to Hyegyo Song, the lager pelt picks up the camera in 2012 directly and wear the chanel jacket and photo album ‘ little black jacket putting the aspects of celebrities: It participated in the classic ‘ of the Chanel which the Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra and carline Roippeldeu finds again as only Korean model. The memory shared with him the domestic models was recalled like the great master of the fashion world and it offered condolence. One photo was uploaded on SNS with the photo of the lager pelt or He and the model Han Hye-Jin and stylist Hanhye kite, Hye foil, and receiving an order joined in the memorial wave.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746060.htm, 2019/02/21 00:00:03]