Oh country and Dohun Kim and 20 year love story…’The Jjijjin, most.


The Jjijjin which ‘SKY Castle’ inside ended in the popular is loveable and actor Oh Dynasty undertaking the Jinjinhui station is in the center of the topic every day. Even after the drama ends, it appears in the several variety programs or the photo shooting with is proceeded and my fascination it be because be fully appealed. The hot interest of the netizen and cheer the love story with the actor Dohun Kim who reveals that especially the Oh Dynasty loved passionately for 20 years is received against. The Oh Dynasty mentioned the boyfriend Dohun Kim in the fashion magazine cosmopolitan photo shooting and interview revealed on 20th. Oh country that it is keeping a person and love in 20 years Possibly the He “one remained for the long period seems to be the best friend” knew more well than the parents. The man who could be stronger and lean appeared. Recently, it overlooks frequently but as in one’s own affair, likes. The love which was the match made in heaven and is unlike other people was expressed. When the pictorial interview was revealed, then the love of 2 people for was rooted and the netizen left the warm comment. The person to go well with front of ” with Deodeodeo Root. It is truly funny, a pathetic smoke is the exorcism in ㅋ ‘my uncle’. In ‘refined she’, the role was the glutinous rice cake. The Oh Dynasty What ist The long loved actor (ttrr****) Because of ” face of Oh Dynasty being beautiful and acting well and ‘ Aneun brother ‘ seeing, ‘ does well until the dance and song. It is the best. ” (jinm****) Jjijjin is truly beautiful. It is beautiful. (rhdk****) it is “20 year. It is great. The shock breaking with the meeting boyfriend is strong in 8. The Oh Dynasty Ssi hopes that there is no this pain, (josi****) one volume Oh Dynasty is examining the next product after ‘SKY Castle ‘ end.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746057.htm, 2019/02/21 00:00:02]