The command…” the Kim Bora ♥ Byeonggyu Cho passionate love and thread are set upIt was the truth.


The reaction was hotter than the thought. It was not the Ji one hour of which the passionate love fact of the actor Kim Bora (24) and Byeonggyu Cho (23) is opened as the exclusive news of a.m. 9 on 21st as yet and the name of 2 people was side by side ranked as the Portal site search word 1 and the second. The some echo was the predicted article but the uniques interest were explosive. It didn’t know that interest about Byeonggyu Cho and Kim Bora got cool this day until the afternoon. The article was risen to the report heartburnings per B. The power of JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ which recorded the end piece · cable drama all-time high audience rating and which it ends was completely connected by the real time searching Eo. At the time when the love affair became a subject of discussion last month, rather it was expressed as the explosive interest about the report to positively deny. The article about Byeonggyu Cho maintaining the first place of Naver sudden increase search word reflected the hot interest p.m. 4 on 21st now as much as it reached almost from Naver news search to 42 pages. The reaction of the agency heated the issue hotly as if it were immediately continued after reporting. The Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho agency, altogether, on 21st, “2 people started the acquaintance from 2 month vinegars” “as much as it was the interval which it starts just now now, it wanted to treat with favor” the passionate love were admitted. When the passionate love of the Kim Bora Byeonggyu Cho was clarified as the fact, then it quarreled over at the various media and this was reported. Consequently, the article related to the passionate love of the Kim Bora Byeonggyu Cho was the article related to 5, moreover, the passionate love of 2 people among the total of 390 cases and news top 10 seeing much (at 4 p.m., the Naver standard). It put name in the degrees Portal site search word higher rank. The comment which 274 is over depended on the news ranked as SNS besides the formal site. It is the paragraph which it shows the concern degree high of the men facing the passionate love of the Kim Bora Byeonggyu Cho the selection of talented people heartburnings independently. It wrote on the Kim Bora, who is the hero of the passionate love moreover, the fan cafe directly and sought an understanding to the fans. He began to meet from 2 month vinegars. The drama was made, the good feeling appeared naturally, it told. The comment of the fans rooting for the fresh passionate love of the Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho was various after the passionate love report. It has the looks rooting for the birth of the mostly cute couple. The various Parady were created. The character of ‘SKY Castle’ was quoted and the passionate love of 2 people was wittily expressed. The interest of the men about the drama ‘SKY Castle’ ended thanks to this is reignited. It debutted as the performer into 9 years old young ages through SKY Castle ‘the Kim Bora, undertaking the Hye or role in 2004, the KBS drama’ wedding ‘. After making debut, it appeared in the drama ‘Moonnan So Kongchoo Chil’ ‘the Kimchi cheese smile’ ‘the garden of the mother’ movie ‘for Horowitz’ ‘the suspect X’ ‘monster’ and the face was informed before. At the time of being active as the child’s part, cute it came into the spotlight as the strong acting ability and appearance and even after It becomes the adult actor, the activity is constantly kept and the ability is developed. The Hye or role was undertaken in ‘SKY Castle’ and He showed the unlike other people sense of presence. When being the rival competing the style of writing Chinese characters (the Gimhye gloss) and care-of 1 and the second, then it is the character who 15 times give the tension as the unexpected death from a fall to the pole with the daughter of the poor single mother and different mother sister of the style of writing Chinese characters. Seoul art college smoke department from was graduated and Byeonggyu Cho made debut as the over year 2,015 KBS drama ‘the Who are you school 2015’. It appeared in the movie ‘the life one the love’ and ‘the world of the girl’ etc. and the childhood of the star of was played a role and it came into the spotlight at the drama ‘the Don flower’ ‘the queen of on 7th’ etc. He played an active part in ‘SKY Castle’ as the twin brother standard of the Seojun. To when the standard having the cold personality, desire to win, and rebellious phase be characteristic and expressed it became popular.
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