… ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ Mentor corps first meeting till the groovy room from the Deo quiet?


While but ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ has the first broadcastings ahead a day, it is attracting by the prerelease image. The cable channel Mnet new variety program ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ introduced the first prerelease image to every kind of channel on 21st. The seat which four teams of ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ having the greatest power Mentor corps meets in the broadcasting for the first time was included in the image who this day is revealed. All strings the attention it spreads till each other smooth reconnoitering skirmish and skill at talking witty Moreover, pull the expectation for the broadcasting which can be checked to the shown aspects of diversity up onto more and more. Firstly, the dishcloth & steps nose and ears is Mentor who 2 season series appears. The point appears as the easy and graceful environment and leads the victory and second place in ‘the high grade wrapper 2’ called Mentor is recalled and it is the harmonious nap the steps. There was to it went to ” (as the victory Mentor of the last season), come instinctively, it was “with the groovy room showing the self confidence” high grade wrapper the experience of which one is special. The curiosity is stirred up if the results of this season of the dishcloth & steps nose and ears which it got to come again in order to lead in the memory and reveals the impression are how. After that, the Ri appearing Mentor pushes the Ri Boy and keyed All Bahyeot the appearance on the stage meter which is cheerful, saying that it is “the Ryeo high which the copyright (Ryo) will pull (?)” that Ri boasting the splendid career of victory which ‘the high grade wrapper 1’ ‘the Syomideo money 777’ back occupies previously is seen They seemed to be not at the time when ‘ high grade wrapper 2’ which the keyed have have the interview which on the old days ‘the high grade wrapper’ is negative is pushed will install to be jealous of on the friends. There is no other thought now. (‘the high grade wrapper’) the taste came to be shown and the honest deep intention was expressed to the friends. The charisma was blown out and the interest of the other all Mentor was focused on more, the appearing quiet and code Kkunseutteu. It is the quiet which shows the peculiar ‘Cool’ one reaction to the question how to got how to come to ‘the high grade wrapper’. The expectancy about the gag code to show in the broadcasting leans to the aspects of quiet which in conclusion it finishes with the boasting saying that the rap competition was swept and the person made travel in the high school student after taking off “the young wrappers which didn’t give notice at all are excavated” the luck. The high grade wrapper 3′ is broadcasted p.m. 11 on 22nd.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746145.htm, 2019/02/21 15:42:05]