‘the return starting?’ The meaning cooperating with Dalsu Oh and Ssijeseu


It is just the year 1. Dalsu Oh who the sexual violence suspicion becomes a subject of discussion told the recent condition at February last year. It is the news that it signed the Ssijeseu entertainment (under Ssijeseu) and contract. The netizen, as to “the meaning of one signing the agency and contract the activity start is not” are reacting. It told 20 days “there was no agency and Dalsu Oh had the meeting recently”s that family system is worm-eaten “when it is watching in relation with the non-opening work and work which it will have to arrange”. After that, “it enters the work in which the agency transfer of registration is fresh or the real activity restart is not meant” the careful attitude was displayed. 3 pairs of movies is seeing the light in the world as ‘the Mi two’ (ME TOO· I had done) dispute of Dalsu Oh. 3 works were working the unsealing with ‘neighbor’ (the supervision this environment), ‘the parents face would like to see’ (the supervision Kim Geehun) ‘control’ (the supervision Hanjanghyeok), and etc. with the goal altogether in 2018. However, when the time to release delays continuously, then the damage cannot be any more caused to the work and Dalsu Oh seems to find the new agency and hand. The sex scandal suspicion of Dalsu Oh started from the sexual violence related news comment of the street theatre troupe this gloss director. One netizen Busan depolarization field of 1,990 s The play actor sexually harass habitually cryptically the young juniorities It is the modification devil psychopath to me. The suffering which suffered the horrible miscarry and moves toward the shock in 20 was gotten and the psychiatry treatment was gotten, it insisted. One people are and among the actor that ” this gloss director was taking to be no what has to be said. It revealed in the early 1990’s to be the man who it threw the hand inside my pants suddenly, it wore the short pants and there was in Busan Gama Valley depolarization field stirs. Dalsu Oh denied “the life of at the early 1990’s was looked back and seen but that action has never been done with the miserable heart” the facts of sexual harassment in the Ji the exposure writing comes out 6 days. It revealed on reason “the shooting schedule of the movie (‘ neighbor ‘) take part was caught until 24th” of which the expression of one’s position is late “even so, someone of was thought to the production crew due to this case that it keeps the torii the set to finish the shooting which how much doesn’t remain as the actor that it caused less”. However, he refuted the official position of Dalsu Oh with JTBC ‘news room’ interview that the victim wrote in-line. It was “it rapes when the sexual molestation is not” and is “there is another victim”. The Dalsu Oh adhered to the position for this, saying that it was “groundless” this. After that, followed on 27th play actor thumb zero appeared in ‘news room’ a day and Dalsu Oh could apologize for ” me. It waited and the forgiveness revealed all Dwaet ” its own blindness and face not that he speaks which it didn’t open (of the accuser) blindness, is anything but the apology. As to after Dalsu Oh, however that Dalsu Oh is not rapist and sex offender in the edaily and interview “apologize once again to 2 ladies”. It didn’t live like that. If there was the lady that hits against the hurt in the childhood and relationship with me to hit 20, it wanted to give and apologized truly with the itself. After that, it told “however, I have to live as the rapist for the lifetime due to the word of this en. If it is the case, that cannot be the Bat son”. Because of being the relationship of about which is burnt to cut on past relation with Mr.A so called, He remembers. It remembered that young man and woman got to enter into a connection and revealed. After that, I not could be said to do the oppressive sexual violence with the reason called senior. The recent condition is told in 1 year and the interest against is hit and there is Dalsu Oh whom it enters after seclusion life. The reaction of the netizen is various. Although some netizens are not right now, there is the plan to be purified the activity in the long term. TV or movie, not, the Nawaeu direction ” (sk8e****) “it is likely to feel awkward to Dalsu Oh see” (kimi****) “it is one which it will not be active and why does ㅇ move to the company?” it is the living problem(mary****) the voice which “the beggar that one that first of all the silly talk appeared has dirty the bearing” (nice****) etc. is negative is made. On the other hand, the voice of the cheer is comprised of his return. There seems to be the human Dalsu Oh in the wrong way previously with “it sees and the deceitful smoke of Dalsu Oh wants” (thdw****) “ask the activity as the actor again” (fesy****) “the smoke would like to be guessed” (jple****) “. Fast to measure, the reaction of ” (ende****) “the time when it will come out again became now” (glay****) back is shown.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746098.htm, 2019/02/21 10:24:50]