‘the super intern’ and second opinion dropout? … ‘surprisingly’ in the presentation of report


‘the super intern’ second opinion assignment dropout is announced. The cable channel Mnet variety program ‘the super intern’ predicted on 21st, “the intern to gets to return the ID card after the second opinion assignment that it plans the day of Chinyeong Park is revealed”. The interns performed the second opinion assignment begin a career as the full-time worker of JYP entertainment (under JYP) in the last broadcasting. Chinyeong Park got for the first time in one’s life childcare education under the intern design. The descent gloss refined rice wine circle Lee Jung-bin false positive took the time sharing the talk which after employees and on in-house welfare is sedate. The cold air of going mistakenly to the team members the Gimhaneul which is unable to check the copper wire in advance flowed but the wit was exhibited and the Hechyeonagat high and Chinyeong Park praised the crisis to the efficient contents and the live broadcasting of Chinyeong Park who Choi Geeeun team plans Geewon Byun Kim heartburnings expressed and the feeing of satisfaction. In this day broadcasting, the project information of the team, that is Ahyun Lim original the soul motive for action planning ‘chinyeong Park exhibition’ on the occasion of 25 anniversaries of debut of the Chinyeong Park, is revealed. Chinyeong Park is planning to perform me the role of Chinyeong Park as the artist and docent Chinyeong Park as the subject in one exhibition altogether. The outcome gets attention if the various variables can be overcome and the interns can perform safely the technical goal of the invention such as the preparing image stops or the children cry peevishly, etc. It explains circumstantially to be regretful and it is a pity but Chinyeong Park introduces the member to gets to conclude the intern course after the second opinion assignment. In this process, interns reveal the open-minded feeling that it was the good chance which experienced the enter industry which I envied through the skin and learns many ones. The time solidifying the plan toward its own goal more is taken. The interns remaining and hit against the third assignment and is in a state of confusion. Chinyeong Park gives the technical goal of the invention after being unable to do the conservative estimate to the interns at all. The interns listening the project information said be crazy about ‘the mentality destruction’ and really the third assignment adds any kind of detail diary curiosity. Meantime, there is the girl group, that is JYP, in this day broadcasting, (ITZY) appears. JYP building found again meets after the supermarket intern final successful candidate selection if the impression meeting the supermarket intern that It becomes the full-time worker in fact was revealed and it had the consulting of the It Ji, the members express the desire to be. The final successful candidate who It becomes the full-time worker looks forward if the special meeting of someone diary and It Ji and super intern final successful candidate can be accomplished. The final successful candidate is employed as the full time of JYP while the phosphorus brushing off. ‘the super intern’ provides the equitable opportunity to the entertainment industry to the job hunters want the employment. It takes every week thursday afternoon 8 o’clock electric wave with the project new of the Mnet showing the enter industry lively in the field.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746125.htm, 2019/02/21 14:28:08]