This standing X Park Chungmin ‘the Saba Ha’ and the first place of the movie premiere box office


It is popular from the start. The movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang) occupied simultaneously the first place of box office with the premiere. 183,934 audiences were mobilized for this day and solder heartburnings movie ‘the Saba Ha’ ranking 191,107 accumulated audience according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result on 21st at last 20th. ‘extreme Job’ was broken. The first place of box office was occupied and it rose as the new strong man. ‘the Saba Ha’ is the mystery thriller in which the Mocksa Park (this standing) following the new religious sector gets to install the suspicious character and cases with the bad luck week and which starts. The simultaneously hot reaction is caused by the acting synergy of the strong suspense and development and strong person of real ability actors with the unsealing. All Moeun the interest of the audiences additionally, it is the new work of the fresh meterial called the exorcism priest and Jaehyun Jang director making the genre with the previous work ‘the black priests’ The second ranking 14.856794 million accumulated audience as ‘extreme Job’. ‘the Saba Ha’ ‘extreme Job’ is showing altogether the tendency which is good from the New Year at the work of the distributor CJ Entertainment. After that, ‘witness’ occupied the third. ‘witness’ ranking 1.028632 million accumulated audience and broke through 1 million audiences in eight days of unsealing. The audience is led to the quiet story without the stimulation and smile trivial. ‘the Saba Ha’ opened with the work of the starring who is this standing Park Chungmin suffering at last 20th.
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