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The character steel of the first marble studio movie ‘the captain marble’ is holding the expectancy about the art in reverence this year. The first marble studio which the movie ‘the captain marble’ (· Ryan fleck the director child makes) revealed eight kinds of character steel on 21st, ‘the captain marble’ puts the story in which the pilot carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) losing the memory meets Schild personnel Nick fury (samuel L Jackson) and which is reborn as the last hope captain marble of the Eobenjyeoseu It is the work. The new characters begining the captain marble appear a lot. The various charisma including the features of Schild, returning to 90’s and etc. is possessed and the premiere the movie is being prepared. All strings Schild personnel Nick fury spreading the hero, hope captain marble of the Eobenjyeoseu who the revealed character steel center is fresh, and He and combination play the attention The commander (the Choodeu Ro) of the Cree star forth, that is the transcription group of the space in which the pilot carol Dan bus losing the memory belongs and it gets to be active, has the features in which it is engaging in the battle. It is the star fourth sniper U.S., it captivates the eyes with the blue skin, that is the symbol of the Cree, the past of the Ro orchid (the reface), that is the Cree appeared in ‘the Gadieonjeu Obeu galaxy’ (2014) at the current movie in which ‘s is 90 the background, and nose Ras (the daemon Unsu Ha)- Reuba (the person kicking the Jem bad luck) and star fourth member Bron-Shah (the rim it is the rune place) appears. . The appearance and aspects of the Seu crawl nature disguised as the human the leader talose (the cut Mendelsohn) of the tribe Seu crawl which is capable of the Cree and the change make war against was together opened. The scene of transformation of the Seu crawl having the ability changing into in the blink perfect aspects of human is the seeing point of ‘the captain marble’. Here, the scene which the air force days friend Mary (the Rasya or lynching) boards the fighter plane holds the expectancy of the aerial war in reverence. ‘the captain marble’ the cat goose of the riddle wearing the necklace in which the name called ‘Goose’ is written is expected to accede most to the since tiller as the activity coming in sight. The captain marble ‘ opens the whole first in the world come on March 6th domestic.
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