… till the Kim Yeong iron in ‘seoul mate 2’ Kim Sook X sandara ParkSomething in Philippines


The comedian Kim Yeong iron joined surprisingly in Kim Sook and ‘philippines visit report’ of sandara park. In the TvN ‘seoul mate 2’ broadcasted at last 18th, the course where it visits was included in Kim Sook arriving at Philippines and twin sisters of who sandara Park is the host the home. When especially there was the twins in Korea 1 year ago, the Kim Yeong season playing an active part as ‘the tumor dental shelf person’ visited to the twin sisters of the home directly and the surprise with was given. Kim Sook of the luxury resort style and sandara Park only finishing the sightseeing for was headed in the twin sisters of to gets to stay at Philippines the house. The mom of the twins greeting these served the splendid mate room for Kim Sook and sandara park. It joined forces till the housekeeper of 2 people and secretary and the welcome food was prepared. The food was fullness served from the Re village (the piggy barbecue), that is Philippines traditional food in the wish list of Kim Sook, till the Ppino I barbecue, Philippines equation curry, and dessert with one prize. ‘the tumor dental shelf person’ Kim Yeong iron appeared suddenly among the meal and especially the pleasure was given. “do you appear in the tomorrow Philippines live broadcasting?” to the Kim Yeong iron showing the gag sense ‘honk honk’ bursting in Philippines sandara ParkIt did to get the offer. Meantime, the global Chemie observation platform share reality TvN ‘seoul mate 2’ drawing the special trip of the special host and foreigner special is broadcasted every Monday at 8:10 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746091.htm, 2019/02/21 10:30:51]