‘I can hire alone’ luxurious causes ‘jja-jang ramen’… on the basis of largely this time.


It is the Jja-jang ramen after the chitterlings, fried kelp of laver, crab preserved in soy sauce, and poor treatment this time. Cook the Jja-jang ramen in the recipe in which the group smallpox nothing member luxurious having the nickname that it is ‘the dark room (the eaten broadcasting) credit’ is special. MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ had the broadcasting ahead on 21st a day and revealed “the method is opened that luxurious gets through the winter in the interior of a room and the fun with is given as the peaceful Sohwak hang time” “open the Jja-jang ramen recipe which these days is really”. Various ‘dark room’ including the chitterlings, fried kelp of laver, crab preserved in soy sauce, poor treatment roasted, and etc. was opened in ‘I can hire alone’ and the luxurious was subjected to the interest of the world in one body so far. The food which the name of the luxurious and He eats after ‘dark room’ of the luxurious held the Portal site real time searching Eo. The chitterlings and fried kelp of laver part gained recognition for the contribution about after sales promotion and the luxurious received the appreciation plaque from the connected group. Was it and the number to bring the serious disturbance once? In this day broadcasting, the luxurious shows the Jja-jang ramen recipe depositing the special ingredients in the general Jja-jang ramen. I hired alone, it Simsangchian and explained from ‘side’ the resignation on Jja-jang ramen ” visual. It is the rumor that it praises oneself in the authentically changed taste after cooking the luxurious. The expectancy is amplified if really any kind of Jja-jang ramen goes to the audience with the Chat child. In addition, enjoy the off day in the house which the fire doesn’t turn on properly. The orange is peeled and is eaten in the covers and the movie which it was unable to see so far is watched. They sit on the bed and the toe exercises. The extraordinary features producing the animals which are various with the orange peel seems to be boasted. The Jja-jang ramen ‘dark room’ of the luxurious can be met in 10 minute ‘I can hire alone’s p.m. 11 on 22nd.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746176.htm, 2019/02/22 00:00:04]